Assima Parking is the Worst

Not sure how many of you have experienced the Assima parking lot but it might be the worst mall parking in Kuwait right now. It doesn’t help that the building is located on a super congested street, but I also think it has to do with how you get in and out of the parking as well. Even when there isn’t traffic, navigating the parking lot is tedious with a lack of proper signage, too many aggressive speed bumps and a layout that’s very confusing. At night the situation is made worse with the higher footfall, last week a friend of mine was stuck for over an hour just trying to get out of the parking lot and that seems to be a normal occurrence.

Supposedly this past weekend the mall was going to try something new to help reduce the parking issues but I’ve already given up attempting to even go there at night. When a friend called me asking for tips on where to park I told them to park across the street in the KIPCO parking lot and walk over, they called me later that evening when after leaving Assima telling me how ingenious that idea was because the Assima parking was so packed and chaotic.

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their parking layout is the reason why my visits have lessened.
there’s another entrance to the basement parking, which takes you in infinite circles down the building, but leaves you at a sea of vacant spots, it’s convenient for Monoprix because it’s the first thing you see when you come up.

That’s the entrance i take and there is no sea of vacant spots unless you get there during the daytime but even then on the weekend the experience of navigating that lot is slow and frustrating.

The worst imo is the gate mall, its too tight for even for smaller cars. You can clearly see paint from cars hitting the wall.

i always park across the street next to Elate Tea (it’s closer than kipco!) and cross the street. it’s made things so much better because Assima’s parking is just the worst

Went on a Date out there,

Almost got dumped because she couldn’t figure out the parking system there ! took me a while to calm her down as she was frustrated AFFFF !!

I knew this problem will occur in future. They have made a mall in super congested place. during rush hour its the worst place to visit. but there is trick. right opposite of the mall where there is bye bye London rest next to it there is a empty space to park. but its only available after office times are over. or else next to awqaf complex behind assima mall there is a huge off-roading ground to park your vehicle. overall, visiting kuwait city during office hours is the worst thing ever. paid parking is full with long waiting line. free parking is packed!

That lot across from Awqaf is packed at night with people parking there because they don’t want to park in Assima. So not easy to find a spot.

Dude don’t share the ideas. Now all those places will be overcrowded. Assima they made a huge ass mall without proper parking spots, i don’t even understand how this got approved by the concerned authorities.
however, they are plans for expanding the car parks and i believe there is already one under construction albeit a small one and another huge 55,000 m2 carpark tender that is being floated with a completion period of 365 days which is impossible considering the logistics & due to the site location. Expect this situation to continue until the new buildings are completed.

It got approved because of “Wasta” !
i work in real estate and 90% of the work are done, as some of their Uncles are working in Gov,
Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy…

I’m not surprised! And to make matters worse, PACE has done a shoddy job with their design. All round shit show.

My first time I went there. First thing I had in my mind.. Who tf designed this parking.. Its 2022 how the engineer design came up with this sh*t

It was not crowded that. Time as I went… But man it was so tight the space.. Can’t imagine when it’s packed


Even third world country has better parking buildings lol

This is what happens when wasta wins you projects and they don’t have competent engineers to do the work!

My peeve remains the incorrect English spelling of the name, and now, without even visiting the place I dislike this mall even more thanks to these horror stories about parking 👹

Problem would be worse. Without cars having to slow down to get a parking ticket or stop to pay the parking situation is super slow, imagine if you include those two things.

TBF most of the paid parking has a spot counter and do not let cars through unless there are vacant spots.

yeah but in this case the parking isn’t busy because there are no spots and it’s people just driving around looking for one, the parking is busy because of the design and layout.

Also, what really sucks is that taxis don’t show up to the front entrance at all, and I had to use Careem to get a taxi. Why can’t malls have designated taxi spaces??

The mall is located in the city so you expect people from office towers around to walk by. If you cross the road at the traffic light at their intersection by foot and try to get to the Assima entrance, you’ll quickly find out there is no path way at the Assima Mall corner after you cross the intersection. You need to walk over the plants and greenery to get to the Assima entrance.

Me ! The damn elevator naming system made me feel like a dumbass this Friday morning. Who tf designed this mall? They should be banned.

If you park on GU (I’m assuming Ground Upper), you need to take the parking elevator to G and then walk into the mall (via the Zara entrance)

It was difficult trying to exit from Monoprix because the Monoprix parking elevator does not go to GU (no clue why, they were working)

We had to take the mall elevator up and out.

TLDR; the mall floors and the parking floors are not aligned confusing sleepy people who just want to grab coffee and a croissant and maybe buy some groceries.

ah, so the elevator I use takes me up next to Simit Sarayi in the basement near the Monoprix entrance. It also takes me up in the mall. It’s located across from Gait I think,

I am glad that people are actually realizing how shit the parking of Assima Is.

When I visited in Nov.2021 I knew its my last visit or else I will park car near arraya and walk to there.

1. The parking turns are narrow.
2. At some point the opposite cars are on your face.


I made the decision two months ago, that I will never visit Assima ever again. A place that gives me far more inconvenience than joy. I would even try my best to tell others not to visit Assima mall.

Assima mall itself excluding the parking is cool, but the parking is awful. Even the when you go down the floor. The corridor between them is way too small for an SUV. During huge traffic at the mall, we had to go all the way to the seventh floor. Worst parking in all of Kuwait. Every other parking in the Capiral City makes Assima’s look organized.

Their elevators are SOOOOOOO ANNOYING!

Let alone the initials they gave to correspond to the floor level and elevator buttons, the waiting time is ridiculous! That is if they are working.

Both times, I ended up just taking the stairs. It is a problem for elder people or someone with a physical disability who can’t use the stairs as an alternative.

And walking to the mall entrances are at different levels than the parking… Not a big deal unless you’re a parent trying to navigate a pram up the stairs!

I’ve been to the mall twice, both times had to help someone carry their pram up the stairs from parking to entrance.

(The option being to take the elevator all the way down and the walk over into the mall or push the prams up the car ramps – which noone is crazy enough to do in that ridiculous layout).

Honestly this is probably the worst mall in Kuwait. Dont know if its going to be successful in the future. Everything about it sucks: the parking, the horrible horrible location, the entrances/elevator situation. Its such a shame that Monoprix is located there because it looks amazing but it would be such a hassle for it to be my regular grocery store.
Also i hope Monoprix actually maintains its current standards and doesnt fail with time like Saveco or Sultan

I totally agree ! The parking – the lift lobbies- the GU etc … it’s like u going round and round in circles or by stairs- it drove me crazy on two occasions and then I refuse to drive or park in Assssssiiiiimaaaaa .. Great looking spacious mall however the parking sucks !

A perfect tip for those who stay in Salmiya Block 9,10 & 12: Take bus #15 from Salmiya (300 Fills), the bus stops just in front of the Mall.. you can board the bus for return travel from the same place (300 Fills) – For 600 Fills you will have a tension free experience.

The best thing to do is to cab it down to the Assima. Hop off near the Khaleejiah building and make a sprint to the Assima. Best time to visit is Friday early afternoon when love making is at its most intense in Kuwait and there are hardly any folks out and about. If you must do Monoprix you can ask for home delivery.

The best and prolly the only way to make the most out of using Assima and more specifically, Monoprix is by checking into a Marriott residences service apartment.
Like they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There really ought to charge for parking across malls in Kuwait with surge and congestion charging during peak hours. Call it the sin tax, if you will. Besides will cull some of the riffraff who are professional mall cruisers in the business of bird watching.

Yes they have the worst parking ever I saw in Kuwait. I made two useless rounds around the place in that congested area without being able to figure out the entrance to the parking but then I gave up and left.

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