A Food Lovers Guide to Kuwait – 2023 Edition

An interview with a Michelin Star chef popped up on my TikTok feed last week and he said something really interesting which was basically that food is the third most important thing in a restaurant, with ambiance and service being more important. I think thats true and I realized that while I was putting this list together.

Sometimes I wonder why certain places are always busy while I’m sure other people wonder why I like a certain place, it really comes down to our individual experiences. I eat out pretty much every single day and the list below are some of my favorite places in Kuwait:

Cocoa Room (@cocoaroom) is the spot I go to when I want to have breakfast on a Friday morning while Alf Layla wLayla (@alf_laylawlayla) is the spot I have breakfast with friends midweek when the weather is good (Tip: Bring your own chapati from Sound Indian Restaurant at the roundabout next door).

Ever since OVO (@ovokwt) opened their new location in Shuwaikh I’ve loved going there. M.E’AT (@meatkwt) is my don’t think about it, just go build a bowl eat and leave spot.

Al Shemam (@alshemam1) is mine and everyones favorite with delicious grilled fish options and kebabs but I also really like Midar ( in The Avenues.

Vigonovo (@vigonovo_kw) has been my go-to spot for the past 7 years ago but this past year I’ve been bouncing between them and Leccino (

EDO (@edo_restaurant) is my favorite Japanese right now while Great China Wall (@chinagreatwallrestaurant) is my favorite Chinese/Hot Pot spot.

Cardamon Club ( is my favorite “fancy” Indian place while Paratha King (@paratha_king) is my hole in the wall.

My Comfort Food
Tampopo (@tampopo.ramenshop) because it’s simple and right next to my house. I still love Solo Pizza (@solopn) even though there are a lot more pizza places nowadays. And finally, one of my favorite restaurants in Kuwait, Oak & Smoke (@oakandsmoke). I would also have added Five Guys here if it wasn’t a franchise.

These are my favorite spots, let me know if your favorite place should have been on my list.

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Surely, you mean South Indian restaurant for chapatis although I assume South Indian restaurants are also sound. Please mind the gap- typo 🙏🏻

“… food is the third most important thing in a restaurant, with ambiance and service being more important.”

Take food out of the equation and it’s not even a restaurant anymore, mate.

If I had to pick, I think the ambiance and service is less important than the food.

If a restaurant is packed, I believe it is the food that brings those people in.

Obviously food is important but what he’s saying that if food is good but ambiance and service are great and you have a good time then you’d go back. But if food was great but service and ambiance sucked and you didn’t have a good time then you wouldn’t go back.

Agreed. If I were to visit a restaurant that had great ambiance and great service but the food was horrible, I would never visit them again.

Santolina at svn has the best food in Kuwait (breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner)

OFK in Hamra has the best ambiance.

I Love Tatami and white robata whenever I fancy sushi, while im baked for for bagels ..
Currently im obsessed with Ode eatery as well..

You list all these restaurants, but you barely mention which dishes/items you order. What would you recommend from each place?

Because of the number of restaurants I actually had to summarize the post as much as possible so it doesn’t become too long or it no longer fits on instagram. If you have any specific place you’d want a recommendation for what to eat just ask me here in the comments.

Correct me if I’m wrong (after a quick glance at wiki, some recipes and images): Chappati is another word for Roti.. From my understanding we don’t eat Paratha when we order Chappati, it is indeed roti.. Paratha usually filled with some ingredients and shallow fried, while the same can’t be said about Roti/Chappati
Kuwait is heavily influenced by Indian culture so maybe it’s not so weird?

Chapatti is another word for Roti, yes!
But no, Parathas don’t have to be stuffed with anything in order for them to be Parathas. They’re an oily, multi layered bread.

When you go to the جمعية and you ask for chapatti, they give you paratha.
That is what’s weird.

Great list Mark. Already bookmarked some of these to try soon.

Do you not like Asha’s? I thought they were the flag bearer for the best Indian food in K-town. Have never tried Paratha King. Will give it a go.

I’ve been a fan of Tampopo for a long time but the high standard seem to have regressed a little since Chef Rashed left – also the airfrying of chicken wings and duck wings isn’t as good as the previous griddle fried.

My new favorite in Kuwait is AVLI – Greek food in Bneid al Gar. The best food I have ever had in Kuwait.

Because I no longer live in Kuwait so I ask has Moghul Mahal lost its groove now ? I remember back in the day there was a good Indian diner: Tipu Sultan inside the Oasis hotel bang opposite the Central Souk. They used to do good tandoor food and was a perennial crowd favourite among British expats in Q8.

As someone who recently left Kuwait after a stint of 37 years I get very nostalgic over the food scene in Kuwait. For me the epitome of eating out in Kwt had to be Pattaya Thai in Duwaliah complex. It was sheer magic. It’s sad to see so many of my then favourite places fold one by one. Al Danah- the fine dine seafood place in Ras Salmeya was another crown jewel that was sadly lost. I am guessing Al Marsa in Bneid Al Gar is still alive and kicking. Used to simply adore their Friday spread and what can I say about another gem- Fahad in Souk Mubarakeya ? The latter was a ‘theobroma’ of sorts- totally en pointe on street food.
The rest- Peacock and Mais Alghanim are sorely missed for old times sake. Friday afternoons by default were spent inside the Mais Alghanem tents. I still remember the Mais on the eve of the Aug invasion when we are there till one past midnight, blissfully oblivious to what was happening around us. It was almost a scene out of ‘Nero fiddled while Rome burned’. Memories! 🤗

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