Best Coffee Shop in Kuwait 2015

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Winner: VOL.1
You know I never really drank coffee. It makes my pee smelly funny. Not haha funny but you know…odd…

But the missus bought an espresso machine and now my pee smells funny all the time. Since then, as luck would have it, Vol.1 opened.

Vol.1 is one of a few local gems that I cannot champion enough. It’s an entirely locally owned and operated coffeehouse that roasts its own beans. It’s a part of what I hope is a growing trend of small, conceptually solid places that have tremendous confidence in their product and don’t stoop to dilute themselves by offering something for everyone. This is a coffeeshop, pure and simple. It sells some of the best coffee in Kuwait. The setting is a vaguely familiar with its diwaniya-style with seating along its walls but the concrete and industrially-styled design makes me think, “wow…chinna berooklyn”. But without any hipsters. Everyone’s a winner.
Tip: It’s summer. Grab a cold one.

Runner up: CAFFEINE
This is another hidden away gem in apparently up-and-coming south mubarakiya (some call it SoMu)(please don’t call it SoMu). The owner and proprietor is a sweetie and his brew’s delicious. Try whatever espresso and ice cream dessert he gave me that was so good I forgot the name.


Winner: VOL.1
Unlike Nima, I don’t drink coffee, I’ve always been a tea person. But I still love VOL.1 and I’ve been going there ever since they opened. All my friends love their coffee and I generally tag along with them whenever they head to Vol.1 just because the atmosphere over there is so cool. With the loud music playing and all the guys and girls coming in and out it’s become one of the most trendiest places in Kuwait. I personally love the treats they sell and they’re pretty healthy which is a big bonus. VOL.1 is also a successful local concept that’s competing in a field dominated by big brand franchises. That’s not an accomplishment that should be taken lightly.

Runner up: Masaha 13
For my runner up I’m going to go with Masaha 13. As a place to go have coffee it’s a different style completely from Vol.1. I would generally go to Masaha 13 for business meetings or to chill with a friend or two quietly. It’s a very cozy atmosphere and I love that about the place. They also have a large space upstairs where they hold different events and exhibitions and I think thats what makes them even more special.

Location: VOL.1 is located in Kuwait City on Mubark Al Kabeer Street in the same building as Almakan. They’re not open all day so check their instagram @vol_1kuwait for timings. Here is the location on [Google Maps]

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25 comments, add your own...

  1. Rohail says:

    Where are these coffee shops located ?

  2. Rohail says:

    Thanks. I found it after posting the comment. Now I feel stupid.

  3. Sami says:

    These cafes look really fine. I hope they have flexible parking areas.

    • Burhan says:

      There is … wait … let me think … zero … yep, zero parking at VOL.1 (its near my office).

      Better park across the street at the cloth market parking; or be a douche like the people who go there and park your car at the curb flashing your hazards, then have your friends jump the curb in their SUV, or double park, blocking the street causing a traffic pileup that reaches across the intersection.

      Or you can pretend to be cool and sit outside (in this heat and dust) checking your instagram and twitter like this one guy and I was seriously thinking .. man is the coffee really THAT GOOD?

      I have respect for those that:

      [a] call ahead
      [b] get take out
      [c] don’t block the bloody street

      If you really want good coffee (I doubt that’s why most people go there), brew it yourself at home.


      • Mark says:

        What do u mean there is zero parking? There is a HUGE multistory parking lot right behind them which is where I park AND there is a huge lot across the street.

        • Burhan says:

          There is plenty of parking, just no one uses it. Cars are always parked in the front. God forbid someone has to walk.

          One of these days, I’ll send you a picture of the situation.

          • Mark says:

            There is plenty of parking or zero parking? You’ve stated two complete opposites.

            Plenty of parking but nobody uses them doesn’t mean there is zero parking.

      • Fayy says:


        Besides, it’s ALWAYS crowded. Not even google map took me there, we had to twirl around all the buildings to get to it. The coffe was super avarge!!! Not worth all the search that we did.

        Not returning.

  4. 845e1 says:

    Coffeeshop Company in Arabella.

  5. mungeeman says:

    Trendy is exactly what i look in a place to avoid!

  6. The Truth, Ruth says:

    I don’t go to Caffeine because it’s pretty much a hole in the wall gay bar sans the alcohol. Just a bunch of bearded queens sitting around in their pseudo hipster outfits judging everyone who walks in. Women should feel really safe there though. That’s the upside I guess.

  7. The Truth, Ruth says:

    But hey, that bears no reflection on the actual quality of the coffee there which is fantastic and the owner who really is a sweetheart.

    He’s kind of hot too.

  8. meh says:

    It would have been more convenient to type down the shops location and details. In some work places instagram is blocked.

  9. Ali says:

    I know this is an old post but I’m just going to add my 2 cents here.

    I’ve recently tried one of those “third wave” cafes (to which Vol 1 and Caffeine belong). The one I tried sells really freshly roasted beans. However, third wave roasters are all about light to medium roasting, which brings out the flavors of the beans. if you are a traditional coffee lover then don’t get your hopes high because you will be disappointed by the floral, fruity, acidic, “bright”, tea-like coffee (some people like it this way, I know). Yes, the beans are of very high quality and they are freshly roasted, but they are not my type because I’m more of an Italian style coffee drinker and I’m not a fan of fruity beverages. I’m saying this as a warning because the beans these roasters sell are very expensive and unfortunately I won’t be using these beans anymore because I found out that they are not my type.

    So make sure you try those third wave style coffees before you buy any beans.

  10. Grant says:

    I think %Arabica should be on this list? Anyone tried it?

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