Long Lines for SALT

Yesterday SALT, the Dubai based burger concept opened in Blajat and the line to get in was HUGE. Their marketing agency sent me a couple of photos of the line, and I measured the distance of it using Google Maps and the line was basically at least 70m long. Insane.

A lot of people online were poking fun out of people who were waiting in line and I don’t get why. Sometimes if you want to experience something thats popular, you’re going to have to wait in line. Thats how it is.

When I was in Paris a couple of years ago I waited in line for over an hour and a half to try out a ramen place. I also waited 40 mins in line to try Shake Shack in NY back in 2010. I waited more than FIVE HOURS in line for a Foo Fighters concert because I wanted to be up right in front of the stage. So I have zero issues with people waiting in line for things, be it a burger, a Pokémon card or whatever. There is nothing wrong with it.

Let people be.

If you want to pass by check the place out, they’re open daily from 4PM to 12AM (last order at 11:30PM). Here is their location on Google Maps.

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‘Let people be’ also applies to those who think waiting in line for a burger is stupid. They are also entitled to their opinion, and have every right to poke fun at the lemmings waiting in line.

No it doesn’t, you don’t say “let people be” to racists or pedophiles, so why do you think it’s ok for jerks to poke fun out of people or call them lemmings? Just because they’re in line for an experience they care for and you don’t doesn’t mean you’re right and they’re wrong.

If the waiting is all about enjoying and having fun than yeah, but if it’s just about taking a photos and “look at me i’m having fun” than imo it’s stupid but hey it’s not if this also make them happy.

It’s OK to wait in line for hours. It’s also OK to make fun of people who wait in line for hours. It’s the SALT of the earth.

I tried it in Dubai. Nothing special. The chicken sliders r literally a bun with two little chicken fingers, very low effort. Nice to try for the hype but i dont think it’ll be someone’s fav burger place

Waiting in line is OK for things that are limited in stock. Not for restaurants that’s still gonna be open tomorrow, day after and months from now!

Waiting in line is OK if there are fewer than a dozen people before you. Not when you have to wait behind a few dozen people for something that’s not really important to consume right now!

Waiting in line is OK if you are genuinely crazy about something and want to experience it right now. Not when your sole intention is to gloat about it on Social media.

I don’t think you get it, it’s not up to you to tell people if it’s ok for them to wait in line for a restaurant or not. You just focus on you.

In that case, this blog and its comments section is a useless space, because many things written here are opinions of what people think others should / must do – including a lot of opinions on your own posts. Everyone has the right to tell people what they think is sensible. No one is forcing anyone to change their ways.

Stating your opinion is not the same as insulting people. Personal attacks and name calling are always deleted from the comment section and clearly it’s not a useless space. If you think stating your opinion means it’s ok to attack people, call people names or be allowed to be racist you’re wrong.

Exactly my point. These are our opinions, and not insults. But we do reserve the right to tell people what we think and why we stand (not in the line for a restaurant) by it.

I’d give it a minimum of 3 months. Maximum of 6. If the food is good and marketing is excellent, it may survive a few years or more.

Burger shop? Nah, this is a large tiktok hotspot/photo booth that happens to have a cafeteria selling some burgers and sodas

if the food is worth then there is no problem waiting in line. but if its not then its pointless. Burgers in Kuwait are highly overrated since every third shop or every 4th food truck is a new Burger concept. Since we are halfway through winter, let people enjoy these pop ups.

the prices of these sliders are sold at the higher end. Then definitely its not worth this huge line and thats the reason for the heavy trolling and memes are being created

What’s with the ridiculous insults and comments??
Line is long, ok and?
If its Dubai and people can try it there, SO WHAT?? Theyre in Kuwait now and want to eat it.

People waste too much time thinking of others just to insult them… its giving weird obsessed behavior. If you dont want to wait in line for anything, then don’t. You are free to do whatever you want with your life. But you want to flex big muscles and think you’re better than them because you dont wait for things? Ok, you want brownie points for your impatience and/or laziness??

Guys guys, let’s all relax! Kuwaiti culture is very heavy on making fun of everything it’s a way to relief ourselves and stimulate our nervous system when every other thing is either banned or closed down. I bet even those who were in line were meming hard on the entire situation! Chill pills for everyone, on me!

snowflake generation.. everything you say or think “might” insult someone, so what? who cares? too bad you were insulted, now move on and get on with your life.. Easy life creates soft men, and they will create tough life for the next generation. God help us all.

I am not in the least bit surprised given how when McDonald’s opened for the first time on the waterfront in 1992, the lines of motorists backed up all the way to Pearl Marzouq in Ras Salmiya. Just goes to show the popular ‘’wannabe’ culture with a youngish population and all. It’s just a passing phase- nothing more nothing less.

Stood in line for SALT on Friday at around 3 PM, gave up at 3 45, decided to go to the KDD stall, waited 20 minutes for 2 ice creams,left…

It was nice to see the people waiting in line honestly, for once did not experience a citizen cutting the line “because its their wish / their country and if i did not like it then i should go back”.

Hoping this is the beginning of the real que culture, First come first serve as it should be because lets be honest, people who cut lines have a special place in hell.

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