Review: Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

A couple of years ago I bought an Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor for my home and for the longest time ever, I found it totally useless. The data for my indoor air quality never changed, it was always stable, so after reading the data for the first time it felt like the device was useless. I think I actually might have even left a review on Amazon saying how useless the device was because I wasn’t using it anymore since the data was always the same. But, I just bought two more of the same devices for my home.

Recently I’ve been renovating my apartment, I had ceramics work, painters, guys doing microcement, and more. All the work took place over different points in time and the data my smart air quality monitor was collecting and showing me was actually pretty helpful, and kinda scary.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor connects with my Alexa devices on the network and provides me with the following data:

Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)
Carbon Monoxide
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

With the ceramics people there was a lot of dust caused by the cutting of the tiles, and so the PM would spike up, with the microcement guys some of the chemicals they were using would caused the VOCs to spike, with the painters my apartment humidity level shot up and the PM levels were pretty high cause of the plastering. It was constant data and alerts to the point I went out and bought two air purifiers and a de-humidifier to try and help keep the levels down and stable. It actually got me so interested with my apartments air quality that I decided to get two more devices and plug them into some other spaces around the house.

The device is tiny, fits in the palm of my hand and runs on USB power so you can hide it pretty much anywhere. I tried to see if there were alternative options that were maybe cheaper or better but I couldn’t find any, Amazon’s device is the best bang for the buck. They sell the device for around $55 which seems like a bargain when compared to other devices on sale. IKEA have a device they sell for 17.5KD, but theirs doesn’t connect to wifi so you can’t monitor the data or check the history through the phone.

If you’re looking for an air quality monitor for your home, check it out. Amazon won’t ship direct to Kuwait so I had to ship to my Shop&Ship account.

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Where do you recommend buying air purifier/humidifier from? What brands or particular ones like phillips? I just finished painting my room

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