Sneak Peek: The All-New Cocoa Room

Post by Mark

It’s been over 6 years since Cocoa Room first opened up on the Seef Strip next to Slider Station. Over the years it went through some pretty major changes but in the end settled down to become a breakfast place, and a great one. On Friday mornings for brunch you’ll usually find me at one of two places, either Baker & Spice or Cocoa Room. It’s one of my favorite breakfast spots and from what I got to see yesterday, it looks like things are going to get even better.

First of all, some disappointing news, the Cocoa Room as we know it on the Seef Strip is gone. A couple of weeks back they shut it down and the location now is just Slider Station. So if you wanted to say goodbye with one last breakfast there, you’re too late. Cocoa Room is now going to be reopening in a much larger location at the Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre instead. I got a sneak peek of the interior and its a complete revamp of the old Cocoa Room look. Not only have they created a new interior style but they’ve also given the brand a much needed facelift and its looking much more cleaner now (gone is the grungy and gritty look). The new Cocoa Room will also now be opening all day since their new menu will include lunch and dinner items instead of just breakfast.

I’m pretty excited about the relaunch which will be happening really soon. If everything goes according to plan they’re hoping to have the new Cocoa Room open by October 14th. To stay posted, you can follow Cocoa Room on instagram @cocoaroom

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  1. Terri says:

    Hi Mark, Do you know if their menu will include gluten free items again. It used to be our favorite breakfast place till they removed the gluten free pancakes. Thanks, Terri

  2. k says:

    isnt there a cocoa room in grand avenues as well? right opposite shake shack

  3. James says:

    Look at the bright side. Now you have Baker and Spice and Cocoa Room next to each other. I’ve been waiting for them to move. The old place sucked and so did the wait time. This one is nicer and has a better view

  4. Q8since says:

    This is why. I happened to be at the Jaber Al ahmed cultural Centre 2 days ago and the Cocoa Room was firmly closed. So sad to see their seef strip one gone though as it was my to-go place almost every weekend morning. Didn’t Cocoa Room owner plan to open an asian restaurant at the same place too? Saw the Samurai at the cultural centre. Pictures looks amazing, cant wait!

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