The Kind Ones is Opening in LA

Post by Mark

The Kind Ones is a local breakfast place located in Mangaf. I’ve never been to it because it’s so out of my way but I recently found out that they’re opening in LA. According to the website Eater LA, The Kind Ones is opening up in Beverly Hills this coming September. This would make them the second local restaurant after Rock House Sliders to open up in LA this year. Like RHS they’ll also have some pretty strong competition there so I’m curious to see how they’ll do.

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  1. zaydoun says:

    Will they print “Mangaf – Beverly Hills” on all their bags and packaging?

    • Uglykid says:

      They’re close by where I live too, I’ve tried them a few times, they aren’t bad, I would recommend trying them

  2. Siann says:

    Hey Mark,
    Wow this place is like 2 minutes walking distance from where i live in Mangaf and from the time it opened or we thought it was open, they’ve shut and renovated like 3 times.
    When they are open, theres a pretty decent crowd, now its goina be on my list of breakfast places to visit.

  3. Sam says:

    Talk about baby steps.

  4. AAA says:

    The branding looks nice but their Instagram doesn’t have any appetizing food shots. They should include hi res closeups of the food (see eggslut for ex.). They probably need to hire a new photographer

  5. the kind ones says:

    thank you for the support!

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