The Line for Ramen

Post by Mark

Have you guys been to the Tampopo ramen restaurant yet? I’ve been wanting to go back ever since I posted about them but I’ve just been waiting for the line to get smaller and it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

The picture on top was taken by me last week while the picture above was taken by my brother yesterday. If you missed my post on the place, check it out [Here]

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  1. mohammed says:

    I see me in the picture, we had to wait for half an hour to get in and an hour to be served, but overall it was worth the wait, though somehow waiting in que like this made me feel like am entering a nightclub.

  2. a45 says:

    looks like any other queue at the govt offices lol

  3. Sh says:

    Went twice at around 5:45-6pm on a tues-wed and I was seated in 10 minutes. It gets crazy post 7-8pm.

  4. The Other Ahmed says:

    That must be some good ramen

  5. Yazi says:

    Whoah.. I want to try it but that line is insane especially in this weather.

  6. JojiBq says:

    Too damn hot to stand outside :O
    keep hydrated ppl kbye

  7. aceboy44 says:

    I never tried Ramen in my life. Is it any good? What does it taste like?

    • Patrick says:

      This is a difficult question to answer because each kind of ramen tastes differently. At Tampopo she has three different kinds: chicken, duck, and vegan. I’ve only ordered the duck because I really like it, it’s spicy and there’s a richness to the broth, but some people find it heavy. The chicken ramen has a lighter flavored broth.

      I love ramen, it’s one of my favorite foods but it’s not easy to recommend to someone who hasn’t tried it just because the flavor is unique to the dish.

    • Mark says:

      You’ve probably had one form of ramen, those cheap styrofoam bowls with noodles and you pour hot water into. A real ramen bowl is obviously a lot better.

  8. Da_J says:

    Amimoto which just soft opened in Kuwait Towers has some Ramen. Its pretty good.

  9. I’m gonna be bumming around here during the big Eid break. I’m guessing most of these people won’t be here then so that’s when I’ll go ;)

    Ain’t nobody got time for hour-long queues.

  10. Kuwait says:

    I don’t know why but I always feel only nerds eat ramen.

  11. Ipsom says:

    Reminds me of that steak restaurant habra, exact same scenario

    That place is almost deserted now

    • Mark says:

      There was never a queue for Habra ever. Like ever. They always had a waiting list from day 1.

    • Halyoosha says:

      Its always like that in kuwait. People are attracted to the novelty factor…oooo something new. Dining are places to be seen and to check off that theyve been there and to be part of that “crowd”. If the food is really good they will keep coming back for more everytime. If not, the crowd will taper off eventually just give it a couple of months.

      • Meh says:

        Doubtful. Maybe it will quiet down a bit eventually, but based on my exerience, I think it will remain a major success either way.
        I do think some people truly are underestimating Chef Maryam’s skills. I’ve only been to Japan once but that was enough for me to appreciate her work.
        You have to try the restaurant before you decide such things.
        I remember people thought Pick was just a habbah!

  12. Rashisha says:

    Back in the day when the early bird first opened in Abu Halifa it was similar.

  13. Susu says:

    Wait an hour in the heat to eat a hot broth! What people do for the trend!

    • Patrick says:

      Some of us actually enjoy ramen and would wait for it just because there isn’t any other place in Kuwait that does ramen well. Not Edo, not Kei, not AlMakan or any other of the Japanese/Asian restaurants and so yeah, I’ll wait an hour to get a taste of one of my favorite foods.

  14. Kong says:


  15. Lulu says:

    I understand there’s a wait, but why isnt there a list?
    Especially since its not a fast turnover, make a list, call people when its ready, simple.

    • Patrick says:

      There used to be a list but from what I’ve heard there’s a constant barrage of people wanting to get in, and the staff are constantly busy taking care of customers inside that it’s easier to make them wait in line, especially that they sell out on food.

  16. Hamad says:

    just visit 1 hour before their closing time.

  17. hamed says:

    Good food.. felt sick standing 1 hour in the heat tho. I swear was so windy it felt like i was standing in a convection oven.

    just give out buzzers or something.. we’ll wait in the car. i know its always good to have people queuing outside your restaurant, but it wont be a happy day when someone faints from exhaustion or dehydration.

    There was like an 8 months pregnant woman sitting in the heat.. hospitality is also part of the experience, you know..

    Was it worth the wait? its worth waiting 20 mins… not 1+ hours. I imagine it would be awesome to wait in line in the winter though.. if we get one this year.

  18. 3azeez says:

    Kinda miss that silly life.

  19. Shang says:

    I’m kind of saddened by the fact that most of the negative comments thrown were from Arab people.
    Why not support the chef and all who’s behind Tampopo regardless of the culture they’re trying to endorse.

    Why comment all the hate yet you still ate the ramen (HAHA)
    Why you waited for the que. (You could have backed out. Immediately )

    Spread love and positivity!!

    On the other side, I’m extremely happy to know that finally a legit Ramen Restaurant opened here in Kuwait.
    All the best for you guys and good luck!
    Don’t worry the 1.4M population of Asians are about to invade your restaurant.
    They’ll keep coming soon! 

    <3 <3

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