VOL.1 Shuwaikh Now Open

Post by Mark

The new VOL.1 location in Mayar Complex (what I prefer calling VOL.2) is now open daily from 12PM to 7PM. I was invited to the pre-launch event a few weeks back and I fell in love with the place. Not only is it the best looking coffee shop I’ve ever been to, but I also think it has one of the best looking interiors of any place I’ve been to in Kuwait.

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Here is the location for Mayar Complex [Google Maps]. Super/Foods is located in the same building so you could stop by Super/Foods for a bite and then VOL.1 for coffee. Thinking about it, thats probably what I’m gonna do for lunch today.

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  1. sam says:

    wait for arabica, next week!

    • Mark says:

      yeah already passed by that Arabica last week, great space, just not as pretty as Vol.1

      • teenum says:

        *shots fired*

        Jokes aside, I haven’t been to either of them. Which one should I visit and what is the first drink I should have to be hooked? I prefer frappes to hot drinks.

        • khaled says:

          Well, your first drink should be filtered or French press coffee if they don’t make it well, then that’s all you need to know about the place.

  2. Kapi says:

    I like how it has an almost bar like feel to it. Intensely atmospheric for a date.

  3. aaa says:

    Why do they close at 7? That area is really busy at night now

  4. Abou Kafi says:

    Unisex dating in Kuwait just got hotter as in cooler.

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