How To Get Your Car Plates Back After Parking Illegally

Post by Mark


As you’re probably aware by now, cops are resorting to remove the license plates of illegally parked cars in an effort to stop the habit. A reader last week left a comment under one of my old posts detailing the process involved in getting back the plates and I’ve went ahead and summarized it into bullets points below:

– Cops took his car plates after he illegally parked in old Salmiya

– They left a ticket and a sticker on the windshield with information on which traffic station to go to

– After waiting for a few days he went to the traffic station in Jabriya where he presented them with his traffic ticket and paid a fine of KD20. He then had to get a signature from the supervisor and after that was told to come back the next day

– Next day he headed back to Jabriya where they told him to go to the Salmiya traffic station instead

– After getting to the Salmiya traffic station he had to get another signature from the supervisor there

– After getting the signature he then had to go to another room where an officer gave him back his plates and asked him to sign a document stating he received his car plates

– You don’t get your screws back so you need to pass by a hardware store before you head back to your car with your plates to screw them back on

The process seems like such a hassle I hope I never get my plates taken. Not that I park illegally anyway, but in Salmiya there are some parking spot you might think are legal but are most likely illegal (Exhibit A).

Thanks RJP

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Because it is stupid to remove anything from a car. Just stick a ticket and it will be payed.

    • Mark says:

      thats what they were doing since forever and people still parked illegally cuz nobody cares about getting a ticket. This idea is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. People think twice now before they park their cars illegally. Just head into the city during the day time and you’ll see a HUGE drop in the amount of violators.

  2. angel says:

    Hello, I just want to ask if you have information on how to renew the driving license.

    Thank you and waiting for your reply.


  3. RJP says:

    Thanks Mark…

    Regarding renewing the driving license,

    1. Go to the Muroor from which your license is issued.
    2. Ask the typing guys over there to type an application for you.
    3. They will type it and get this application signed by your sponsor with company seal, Ednamal and Ithmat Thoukiya (Sorry if the spellings are wrong). Also a copy of your civil id.
    4. Get back to the same Muroor ( I went in the evening) and show it to the reception.
    5. The guy at the reception will say just come before a week to expiry. ( Initially he sent me back saying that, if you renew now, you will lose 2 weeks validity.)
    6. Once you are scrutinized at the reception, he will ask you to affix stamp, as per your civil id validity. 1 KD for an year 2 KD for 2 years and so on. ( Now the license validity is purely linked to your residence validity)
    7. Take the recommended stamp and get the signature from Mudeer and submit it to counter.
    8. Waiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt
    9.If you dont have any pending fines against you, you will get it in a max of 30 mins. If you have any fines, then you have to clear it and again get a paper signed from Mudeer and finally you will get it.

    This is what i underwent last year in April. And last but not the least, I dont had a fine and got it in 30 mins time.

    No idea about expired icense..

    All the best

  4. Mimi says:

    You’re right about parking spots that you think are legal but are actually not. The strip in front of Barakat, Beit Dickson, etc in Salmiya is apparently illegal? A friend of mine had his plates removed though he was parked in what looked like a legit parking spot. Or maybe the policeman was just having an off day. I’m not sure.

    • Mark says:

      thanks for letting me know, i thought that was legal as well its where i always park when i go to barakat.

      • Dun says:

        I asked and asked and apparently the only legal spots in city streets are marked with white and black curb. ONLY! no other spot is legal.

        Don’t use the reverse logic, if its NOT yellow and black doesn’t meant its legal!

        And that’s why the rule is unfair and cost thousands of people time and money when they were not breaking the law.

  5. lolguy says:

    On an average, this whole process would take a couple of days, right? So leave the car in its spot till then?

  6. Flupo says:

    My question is: if the officer removed my plates, can I still be able to drive my car home without getting another fine because of missing plate? because the other option is leaving the car in its place till getting my plates back or hire a crane for 10 KD to take my car back home.
    So you really think it’s a good idea Mark? does this happen in Canada? And regarding the parking issue in the city, do you find places to park your car like proper parking lots in the city?

    • Mark says:

      no u can’t drive the car without plates. in canada there are laws people abide by, here nobody abides by the laws hence why extreme measures should be taken. don’t park illegally and you’ll be fine. and yes i find parking the city ALL the time. Like ALWAYS.

    • Nelson says:

      My license plate had been removed in front of me, I requested them to give it back they didn’t agree. however he told me where to go t get the plate back. I ask him shall I remove the car, the officer told me as long as you have the penalty paper you can drive. then drove off my from Darwaza to Salmiya.

  7. BeeJay says:

    * Parking Sport.. Parking Spot. (Last Line)
    Something else. Were you drag racing on the sea side 6am or 5am in the morning with Mustang last week ?

  8. BeeJay says:

    lol. i saw a red datsun with black rims drag racing with mustang i thought its you :P

  9. Nelson says:

    The traffic police used to issue ticket and keep it on the car windshield. in this procedure the offender would pay the fine may be after One year while renewing his/her residence or passing the car. Now they are removing the license plate so that govt. can get the revenue immediately. just remove 50 license plates per day they will get KD 1000/-without any hassles.

  10. Satya says:

    My number plate removed in al salam mall parking salmiya it is written Hawalli muroor in fine paper

    It was on thursday i.e. yesterday where and when shall I get my number plate and what is the fine “?

  11. Satya says:

    Any help would be highly appreciated please.

    • Saeed says:

      My plates were removed in exactly the same place as you Satya… when did you get your plates back and how complex was it?

      • Satya says:

        It is quite an easy procedure just gotoJabriya muroor next to passing.

        Take ur daftar and fine paper with you.

        Pay the fine 20 kd in the counter get a signature of inspector behind the pay counter.

        Take the signed invoice to Salmiya traffic station next to salmiya cooperative.

        And get the plates from there….

        • Anonymous says:

          Did they ask for your Civil ID? Either when you gave the dafter/fine paper or payment?

          Lost mine so deciding whether I should renew it first or if I can get my plates back and then go.

  12. venkatesh says:

    My plates were removed in khaitan, and today I went the Dajeej maroor to pay the money the refuse to pay money and they told me to come after 2 weeks. why are they told me 2 weeks is it law or any other default from me? when did you get your plates back and how complex was it?

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