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Last week I was going through my instagram explore page and found a video of a new indoor skate park, turns out it was part of “Trampo Extreme”, the new Trampo location in Murouj. So I got in touch with them and headed over to check the place out.

The new Trampo location is HUGE with a lot of different activities to try out. First you have the trampolines area which takes up around 1/3 of the whole space. There are different kinds of trampolines to choose from including a dodge ball trampoline court for competitive action against friends. Right next to the trampoline section you have a leap of faith tower and a vertical slide, both of which are meant to test your courage.


Now the other areas of the new Trampo location is where I think things get interesting. First you have a large area on your right once you walk in filled with really tall climbing walls. This is my favorite area in the whole arena since it’s one I’ll probably go back to try.


Right in the middle of the arena but raised above ground is a cable climbing area. It’s a obstacle course in the air which you traverse and once you get to the end of it there is a zip line that takes you to the other side.


The last activity at the new Trampo location is one I think a lot of teenagers are going to love, a skate park. The skate park is divided into three main areas with the first one aimed towards intermediate skaters. This area is composed of a large shallow pool on one side and low rails and ledges on the other with small quarter pipes.


The second area behind the intermediate one is the main skating area and consists of two large quarter pipes connected to each other with volcanos in the middle. This area is a lot more difficult but to help make things a bit easier, there is a third area where you could go to and practice your tricks.


The training area consists of a slope down to a quarter pipe which has a foam pit behind it. This way skaters and riders can practice their tricks without having to worry about getting hurt. And yes, BMX riders can use these facilities alongside skaters and if you don’t have a skateboard or bike, they have them available for you to use.

I got the price list from Tampo and it’s as follows:

Jump: KD6.5/hour
Climb: KD6/hour
Skate’n’Ride Junior: KD7/hour
Skate’n’Ride Pro: KD5.5/hour
Leap: KD1
Slide: KD1
Zipline: KD4

Trampo Extreme just opened this past weekend and their hours are Monday to Thursday 2PM to 10PM, Friday 10AM to 10PM, Saturday 10AM to 8PM and Sundays they are closed. The skate area doesn’t require any bookings but the climbing and trampoline areas do. To book your spot you can do so online from their website [Here]

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  1. Kuwait says:

    What is Murouj?

  2. ahmed alrasheed says:

    kinda pricey

  3. Ipsom says:

    This reminds me of those huge monkey cage obstacle course that kids go in, but on a bigger scale.

  4. BraveArc says:

    Any photos of the leap of faith tower and a vertical slide?

  5. meh says:

    Oh my god.. Do you know what this means.. people can finally stop complaining about Kuwait and restaurant malls. Oh wait.. they’re not liking the price.

    • Bader says:

      People complain that “this country is boring, enough restaurant malls, we need activities” and when finally someone does something about it, they hesitate because of the price. But again… they would gladly spend 7KD+ on a Wagyu burger.

  6. T-rex says:

    cut prices in half, keep in mind the targeted audience are teenagers skateboard, and with these prices your only targeting Kuwaiti teenagers that has strong allowance, the trick is volume not prices.

    it’s sad to see something amazing fails due to poor planning specially in not understanding concept of Breakeven point.

    • Mark says:

      If they cut prices in half that would make it similar in price to the skate park at marina. But that’s outdoor this is indoor so they both can’t cost the same.

      • T-rex says:

        That’s the problem with new entry, it’s not suppose to be easy, and alternative is available in cheaper price, which competition will lead to exist the of firm due to it high cost and low volume of customers.

        Marina park has covered their costs to make it long time ago, now the cost they handle are bills, rent, etc, now keep mind, this place has to add the cost for creating it, which means their revenue might be lower than Marina’s.

        your not selling product, your selling service, hundred, or thousand customers wouldn’t affect the cost.

        • Mark says:

          The alternative is cheaper but its also outdoor which is an issue during the summer. If you want an indoor air condition skate park then its obviously going to cost a premium.

          • T-rex says:

            which makes it perfect competitive advantage if they are being competitive in prices as well.

            • aaa says:

              They are competitive – there’s no alternative.

              • T-rex says:

                Alternative substitute service, it goes by bowling, pool, swimming, etc. it’s fun time spending.

                • Mark says:

                  That’s not competition. If someone wants to skateboard he doesn’t want to swim…

                • Skipples says:

                  Mike, what she means is that swimming, bowling etc are a different option that a person can chose rather than this activity, this is giving them an indirect competition as price conscious customers may not prefer to go to this place cos of higher prices.
                  For eg if I want to travel to Edingburgh from London, I could do so by train or a plane both are a substitute to each other. Both compete each other indirectly

                • Skipples says:


          • T-rex says:

            Porter Five forces


            as you can see substitute product/service is not even related to competitive (which is rivalry industry).

            I’m amazed how do you work in Marketing, and don’t understand that concept?!

            • Mark says:

              Dude just because you google doesn’t automatically mean you know anything. Jesus what was the trash you fucking linked to. The only competition the indoor park has is an outdoor park right now, swimming isn’t their competition. You can’t skateboard in the water. Good thing Trampo don’t have you running their marketing that’s for sure.

              • T-rex says:

                MBA business certificate holder, consultant full time, university teacher part time, it’s my business to know, if you want I could recommend you couple of training seminars that would widen your abroad of knowledge.

                a common misconception that people assume marketing is advertisement, marketing is the study of market, advertisement is just 5% of marketing.

                • Mark says:

                  I highly doubt you hold an MBA in anything if you linked to that shitty ass youtube video.

                  Also no one here mixed up marketing with advertisement.

                • T-rex says:

                  These links which you call shitty, it’s actually lectures, which based on knowledge that extracted from people who are majorly successful in business, based study over 150 major international company not excluding countries over thousands of thousands of statistic and analysis, and name of the guy is Micheal E. Porter, I would recommend reading his books, instead of blindly and cluelessly saying the word ‘shitty’.

                • Mark says:

                  It was a computer talking

            • Skipples says:

              Umm what does porter five forces have to do with marketing? Its one of the method to analyse business. But I get your drift and I agree with you. They don’t actually have direct competition (same activity) so they are enjoying their position in the market :D :D

    • meh says:

      Please explain the concept of breakeven point in this situation.

  7. SmartyPants says:

    So. I have gone and researched different prices of indoor trampoline parks around the world. And the prices were:

    -On Weekdays: 8$ per person. FOR 2 HOURS.
    -On Weekends: 10$ per person. FOR 2 HOURS.

    And skateparks were even less.
    Indoor skateparks costed roughly 3$ per hour.

    In trampo.. the price is 25$ per hour.
    They won’t last long on those prices. They should at least lower the prices to 3KD for an hour on the skatepark and 3KD per hour on the trampolines.

    The amount of money we have to pay for the amount of things were getting is crazy. Not everyone can afford things like that. Especially not often. And as Trampo is the only place in Kuwait which gives us an opportunity to do things like that. I think they should set an example for other companies to also do similar places and activities in Kuwait. (Because as we all know, Kuwait is boring with only malls)

    I hope that someone from Trampo WILL read this. And maybe change the prices even slightly.

    • Eesa says:

      I completely agree. I come from California where the prices are what you mentioned. Skating and trampoline shouldn’t be for the rich. They need to be accessible to poorer kids and families who want fun activities for their kids, but can’t afford the few, overly priced things here in Kuwait. Where I grew up, all of the skate parks were/are free or super cheap if they were indoors.

      • Amir says:

        People, please stop comparing prices from other countries. It doesn’t make sense to convert local Kuwait Dinar to US dollar or any other currency. Simple, if you earn dinar here than expend dinar here. Also keep in mind, majority of Kuwaitis are affluent people and can easily afford these prices for themselves or their kids.

  8. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    If I didn’t have arthritis in my lower back, I would do the BMX stunt part for sure!

  9. Robyn says:

    I went to Trampo last week with friends- totally worth the money- a massive endorphines hit. I would recommend going soon before it gets too well known…as it wasn’t busy. Not sure if soon they will start going separate adult only times, which would be better. We had the trampoline dodgeball area to ourselves! L for love, good times!

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