Customer Service in Kuwait

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That’s why whenever you have a problem always email, tweet, instagram and facebook the companies.

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  1. Jake says:

    it’s Kuwait, what did you expect?

    also, this new pop up ads you have on now is really annoying. feels like you are just in it for the money now and not just blogging anymore. still love the site tho, but tone it down on the popups please :)

  2. spacecowboy says:

    You shouldn’t have censored the name Mark. I think it’s our right to know which supermarket or their branch is following this practice so we can avoid it for our safety.

  3. Bassem says:

    The Sultan Center!

    • ahmad says:

      No, I don’t think it is Sultan, I think it could be Geant. Have you seen their produce section or their salad section where they might be making penicillan? It’s all about management and Sultan has made improvements to the organization of their produce section, but I think rotten produce is being sold all over Kuwait and poor quality produce is imported to be dumped on the market. Did you read about the sale of frozen fish in the market from India and Pakistan that is unfit for human consumption that is being injected with chemicals and sold as fresh local fish? Or how about the market in ‘somewhere in Kuwait’ that is selling diseased sheep at cheaper rates? All this is reported in the local paper, so I am not making this up. It is government’s job to prevent this and customer’s right to boycott grocery stores that are selling ‘shotty’ product lines, nor is it Mark’s responsibility to solve these issues since he is an expat, albeit, one that likes this place.

  4. salue says:

    Its true customer service sucks here but sometimes the employee dies with in because of how he she talks to so many bad people that they destroy their reason for working as as a customer service with the having their bad attitude and pretend and they know everything and humiliate the employee on a personal level.

    But funny that they reply after 4 month xD

  5. Dr Cathy Daniel says:

    Customer Service…….well, Al-Ghanim will win the Gold Medal for lousy customer service if one was given. EVERY experience I have had with them servicing my large household appliances in the last three years had been a nightmare. The washing machine; they had it for so long that I bought a new one while I was waiting. Last year, it was the ice maker on the refrigerator….they wanted to take it to the “work room” which I don’t think even exists and order an 80 KD part. I found the part online myself for 12KD and ordered it. It arrived in 1 week via express mail and I used the YouTube video to fix the fridge. Now they have my clothes dryer. They have had it for exactly one month. I have given up after calling every day. All three of these things can and should be repaired in the same day. They shouldn’t say they have a Repair Service if they can’t handle it. It’s a shame that the corner bakala gives you better service than a multinational company. I will be shopping for a new dryer this weekend……

    • Mark says:

      I had an issue recently as well with my range hood. They wanted to take the whole range hood to the workshop to get it repaired even though the range hood as easy access to the motor. I told them no way they would remove it because it would destroy the the area around the hood (its built in). In the end I emailed them complaining and they finally sent over an engineer who looked at it, found the issue, came back next day with the part and fixed it.

  6. rosy says:

    Atleast they responded. Better late than never.

  7. Roy says:

    Crepeaway in Lebanon responded to my tweet the next day about a food complaint. They then called me and apologized took my address and sent me a gift which had a Crepeaway mug, an apology card and a 40$ voucher. This never happens in Kuwait!

  8. Si says:

    LOL if you want to see bad customer service, come to Germany – or “the service desert” as we call it there! But at least hygiene standards are good. Customer service in Kuwait has still to find middle ground, as it is either non existent or really in your face.

  9. xxx says:

    but that was from may

  10. Ahmed says:

    What I don’t like about customer service(this is in general, not just about Kuwait) is that employees know how to smile and say hello but when you ask them about a product, they’re not entirely knowledgeable about certain things and they are not very helpful :/

  11. D. says:

    Would this message have been sent to their inbox? A lot of pages don’t know they have another inbox besides their main account one.

  12. Dr John Hayes says:

    Customer service is a topic that I frequently address both in the classroom and my articles. The #1 obstacle enroute to better customer service in Kuwait is the customer’s mindset. People say, “It’s Kuwait so what do you expect?”

    As an expat who lives here by choice — I like it here — I expect quality service, especially for the inflated prices we pay. But better service will not occur until customers voice their opinions. So congrats to you Mark for addressing the issue. More bloggers, writers, editorialists, etc. need to emphasize the issue.

    Many people tell me they are afraid to voice negative opinions because: a) criticism is not part of the local custom; b) if you publicly name a business they can claim you hurt their sales and sue you; and c) if you’re an expat no one cares what you think (I get that one a lot aimed at me).

    Even in Kuwait business is business and when owners see they are losing business they will pay attention. In just about every incidence customer service can be improved through training and better communications. That’s not the government’s job. But the job won’t even get started until customers voice their opinions.

    One of the best vehicles for sharing customer service opinions in Kuwait is — too few people use it. Kuwait suffers from a complacent population that is quick to criticize except in ways that would make a difference.

    • Service will only improve if companies hear our collective voices and also make the DECISION to change in order to satisfy customers. One way to ensure that is the Service Hero assessment platform which John brought up. Thanks for that.
      Otherwise, its our luck if the person who is serving us has the right “attitude” or not.

  13. Musaed says:

    So if you had bad experience with a shop in US you would write a title “customer service in US”!!

    I’m not even saying we are the best here but you should be more rational.

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