Kuwait is the Cheapest Place to Live in the Gulf

Numbeo is a crowd-sourced online database of perceived consumer prices, real property prices, and quality of life metrics. According to their 2024 report, Kuwait is the cheapest place to live in the Gulf while Dubai is the most expensive.

The most expensive place to live in the world according to their report is Bermuda, while the cheapest place is Karachi, Pakistan.

Here is how the Gulf countries rank:

1- Dubai, UAE
2- Abu Dhabi, UAE
3- Doha, Qatar
4- Manama, Bahrain
5- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
6- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
7- Sharjah, UAE
8- Muscat, Oman
9- Kuwait City, Kuwait

Numbeo’s cost of living index is calculated using the relative prices of consumer goods like groceries, restaurants, transportation, and utilities. The index doesn’t take into account accommodation expenses such as rent. For the full list, click here.

9 replies on “Kuwait is the Cheapest Place to Live in the Gulf”

The big mac index for GCC ranges from $3.57 to $4.9 with Qatar and UAE respectively at either end of the spectrum. #justsaying

Being the cheapest place to live in is not by itself a good thing.

The cheapest 3 places to live are all in Pakistan. 3 of the most expensive 4 are in Switzerland.
How many people in Kuwait would like to move to Pakistan? Or would they prefer Switzerland?

I’d much rather live in Pakistan than Switzerland. The Swiss are notoriously racist and socially regressive.

Pakistan also boasts the same beautiful vistas as Switzerland but their food is a thousand times better.

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