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Aladdin Sweets is Closing Down After 60 Years

Aladdin Sweets (بوظة وحلويات علاء الدين) has been an iconic part of Salmiya for around 60 years. I used to walk by it as a kid, and look through the window at all the sweets and ice cream on display. If I was lucky, my mum would let me go in and get my favorite ice cream combo, chocolate and strawberry.

While walking by the other day I spotted a sign on the window saying they were closing down, moving to a new location and renaming to “Revani”. I asked them when there last day would be and they said January 30th.

If you want to pass by one last time, you have till tomorrow. They’re the ice cream place located between White Tower (برج ابيض) and Marina Mall. Google Maps

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No but I figured because the building is getting demolished similar to the one that got demolished down the street last month. I should have asked them why they’re changing their name though

This spot used to be my go to place, first Marina Baksetball, then the shawarma place (now shut down) in the gold souq on the opposite that was run by the sweetest pair of gentlemen from Bangladesh, followed by the ice cream from Aladdin then walk home.

Passed by the place yesterday and the taste is still the same, the guys there also mentioned that they are moving to the next complex, so its like a hop skip and jump away.

thank you mark for this news, else would have never returned to that place it was utterly nostalgic

Hey guys/girls
I grew up in Kuwait and recently found a video of my old neighborhood filmed today. I noticed that all old style diners with tikka and fatayers are gone.
Is it happening all over Kuwait or its just my neighborhood? I dreamed of coming back to Kuwait and rushing to my shawarma dealer. Beef shawarma for 200 fills and tikka for 1 dinar. Whole grilled chicken for 1 kd. But this place is now called something Dampa and they cook fish when sea is 100 meters away, why would anyone buy fish when you can catch one for free:)

I remember this sweet shop when I was kid I was always go to Alburj alabyadh to play arcade then I go to this beautiful sweet store to take Arabic ice cream is so old store you make me back more than 25 years . 😅

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