Kuwait Post to Start Delivery Soon

Back in December, I posted that starting in February regular mail would start being delivered to your door. February came and went with no sign of that happening. Actually, I personally had to drive to Sabah Al Ahmad last week which is an hour away because someone at the post office read my office building “Wafra Downtown Tower” on my package and thought I lived in Wafra. They sent my package to Sabah Al Ahmad which although the post office there was a much better experience than the Sideeq one, its pretty freakin far…

Anyway, it looks like the post office will start home delivery pretty much right after Eid. They have a new website up, and according to the website they’ve teamed u[p with a local company called “Sail Shipping & Logistics” to handle local deliveries.


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Actually I got a shipment notification SMS.
I got the option to get it delivered for 500 fils. Paid it through KNET and awaiting the delivery within next 2 days as per the site.

Did you check the website by any chance? The latest update I have is on 12/3 (shows up on the post website), but when I click continue, it says “You do not have a parcel ready for delivery”. The latest update is “Receive item at delivery office (Inb)”

@Abdo So when did you receive you package after paying the delivery charges, ( I have same situation: received SMS and then paid the delivery charges, now waiting for 2 days, still so sign of any activity from there)

Update Friends, Good news, have received the package today at 10:15am, delivery guy from ‘Sail’ contact me by WhatsApp, and delivered to the haris of the building, ( as I was not present at home that moment)
Conclusion is Kuwait Post has delivered it within 36 hours from sending the SMS.
Suggestion: If someone is expecting to use Kuwait-Post then better Sign-Up there and enjoy the facility.

I saw a Van today in Fahaheel Area, with MOC posts, could not take picture. But postman was standing with parcel in his hands and calling the recipients i suppose.

His vehicle was full of parcels same like AliExpress parcels.

Our postal codes are actually great. They tell you which area and block you live in (first three digits identify area, last two identify block). Not sure why they aren’t used more often.

I’ve lived in places where mail is sorted by computers by postal code so those errors wouldn’t happen.

Nerdy fact, we can write our addresses American style using the postal code:

7 Salem Mubarak St
Salmiya 20003

It would be great if some options were English translated too. Country selection in enquiring quote section is fully arabic :((
Can this be used to deliver civil id cards in future perhaps. A nice move if executed properly

Does anybody know how to reset the password on the Kuwait Post website?
It keeps telling me that it is incorrect and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Not very confident considering its privatized monopoly of government service that was great couple years ago. is already filled with complaints about them.
the site broken all over the place. cant click on news/updates. tracking doesnt work for a parcel thats been in kuwait for a month. and it shows half written message “No data found, please check your tracking id and “.
its really frustrating. i am preparing a big parcel from myUS to kuwait for first time and i am only thinking which courier will scam me the least and how long will incompetent customs take to release it.

looks like the tracker on is back online and indeed it shows my package has been kidnapped by almesayel post. just another scam by so called businesses to add to kuwait infinite list. very sad.

trump text wall warning:::: yes and no i guess ? post offices still active and they do receive. i went there on thursday and the situation seems to have improved but still unknown. there were about 5 employees on the counters and an additional kuwaiti man organizing the situation and answering disdain people questions. from what i caught it seems they still dont know what are they going to do in the future but they will revamp the post offices in all regions or even cancel them altogether. almesayel post is indeed in coop and carries k-post logos but the employees have “sail shipping” inside the warehouse. many people asking why their area post office is here when it used to be the local office. honestly the answers wasnt satisfactory and i was not in the mood to strike up a convo to review national postal situation. he did say this is a sort and dispatch center, i even saw big trucks on the side door unloading sacks of parcels. they do seem to have taken over other post offices but not all of them ? there is some mistakes that need to be addressed as some would say their area post sent them here for their mail and man would say they are mistaken its sent there. but they do have a these tower shelves with packages for people to come and receive mine was there for 2 weeks and i wasn’t informed cause they probably missed my phone number on the package and they didnt bother send it to home address or local post office. i only found out after reading this article and looking it up, finding MoC tracker is back online (it used to give 404 on purpose). it showed me it was in almasayel confirming the situation as you described.

fwitw here is my experience; the area is pretty desolate as its relatively new housing and the coop was empty midnoon. the side where the post office is has alot of parkings but i only founf 2 spots att he very back thats empty, you can use the rest of very empty coop parkings if you wish and dont mind a little walk. first thing youll notice that working hours on the door are from 8 am till 9 pm ! the guy above reiterates that multiple times so people can come back at less crowded time. you probably could even come at 7:30. there was number machine and they were calling it by shouting, but they should have linked display installed by today according to him. the area is cool and there was a separate extra seating area so the crowd wasnt bad at all. i had about 60 in front of me but they got through them in about 30 minutes? wasnt keeping exact time. itll depend on what packages are handled anyway. reception couldn’t locate my parcel so they asked me to go inside to check with them (a glass door separates the warehouse from reciption, are 2 meters away). he tyoed my tracking and found which box they were storing in it and gave it to me. went back to reception and scanned it..thats it. there was no 250 fils fee that was imposed couple days prior. the 500 fils fir delivery to home still stands though(some people do say it takes couple days, site says its free if they are late by 4 hours from agreed time lol)

some other guy inside talked about how this was hectic and chaotic because of the sheer number of post sacks (~400 mails each by their estimate) and how they had to dish out thousands of these and sort them and hand them etc. apparently the decision to start this venture was very sudden and MoC wouldnt allow it to be postponed one day after eid. it was either after eid or after eid. typical q8 gov foresight and planning.
——————-TLDR; situation should be better than complaints on first days, if you dont want to deal with crowds come night time or register on website for 500 fils delivery. however, the future of kuwait post offices is not clear 🙁

Mark, please help.

My great BIL sent an important document through Canada post to Kuwait in April. I can’t find it on the new site as it keeps looping the “searching” tab. However, the old moc site shows that it’s at the Kuwait sorting facility. It’s addressed to my bank head office in Kuwait City. How can I go about to find this mail?

It now shows its with almesayel. What next and where can I pick it up from? I had given the bank address which is in Kuwait City

I got an SMS yesterday to register. After registration, it took me to Payment that I got a package. Paid 1/2 KD, scheduled for tomorrow, let’s see.

Hey Muhammad, Thank you for keeping us posted.
I have a package that arrived on 29th April at Al Mesayel. I went there on 3rd May and they told me to wait as it would hasnt been assigned to a mail box so asked me to come after a week or until I get an SMS or so. Should I just go there amongst the chaos or just wait until I get an SMS?

Update: I got the item today. The driver uses “Kuwait Post” Vehicles & was from “SAIL Shipping & Logistics Services Co.”

I’ll just suggest to Register at Kuwait Post website & You might get Auto Notification that You’ve post pending to pay & schedule delivery.

Thank you so much Muhammad, Much appreciated.
Could you please tell me how long did it take for you to get the notification? My package was received at al Mesayel on 29th April. I went today morning and they told me to check in again after 5 days…

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