Kuwait’s Largest Marina is Opening

Post by Mark

The largest marina in Kuwait is opening on April 16th at Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City. The marina can hold 410 boats and the video above is a cheese commercial for it. The last scene where the group on the yacht cheer with water bottles is priceless. [YouTube]


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  1. AbuMali says:

    It seems like Kuwait is opening a little bit. Or is it just my wishful thinking… As an expat here, I am still trying to comprehend why on earth is a country with such capacities in such a shitty condition. It could be a paradise on earth, and yet instead it’s just nothing. So saddening.

    • Bader says:

      the biggest market for yachts in the middle is kuwait. most think its uae thats why a step like this is taken

  2. To AbuMali says:

    i bet corruption back at your home country is even worse.

    instead of looking on the positive side you went off topic – you should then expect alot of replies.

  3. The ending is so disappointing, they are cheering with water bottles, makes the Ad so cheap ?? Common… They should be cheering with @sojennie_kw “The World’s First Luxurious non-alcoholic Sparkling Drink”

    -Available end of April in Kuwait

  4. Bader says:

    why is the dude doing the voice over always the same dude

  5. 420 Warrior says:

    The ending is so dank

  6. zaydoun says:

    What the hell is a “Sea City”?? Is it a literal translation of مدينة بحرية ? Who comes up with these names??

    And really haven’t we had enough of the terrible voice-over guy??

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