Sharq – Before and After

The photo above is a before and after photo of Sharq. It’s taken from a recent study by architect Khalid Alsafi highlighting the constant aggressive destruction of Kuwait’s heritage and cultural areas, only to then become abandoned empty desert spaces for decades.

If you want to see a higher resolution photo of the above click here.

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It would be great if the few houses left in the photo get properly restored and opened to the public. But its +100 inheritors today might just border it till it gets sold/demolished to make way for a new Starbucks.

What kills me is they continue demolish and then leave massive swathes of land just sitting empty… Either develop something or make some green spaces!!

Imagine how cool it would’ve been to keep SOME of the old streets and restore and modernize the existing structures.

Sadly, only two neighborhoods were preserved; one in Al-Wattya next to the Holy Family Cathedral and the other in Sharq next to the Amiri Hospital.

Kuwait has enough money to make itself into the next Dubai if not for the rampant corruption and mismanagement.

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