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UK Starts Visa-Free Entry Next Month

Starting February, if you have a Kuwaiti passport you no longer require a visa to travel to the UK. Instead of the traditional visit visa, you will require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which costs £10 (4KD) and is valid for two years.

The UK ETA application process is straight forward and you should be able to complete the online form in a matter of minutes with the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Passport data
  • Travel information
  • Answers to some basic security questions

The only other requirements are:

  • A valid Kuwaiti passport
  • Credit or debit card to pay the UK ETA fee
  • An email address to receive notifications

Most applications will be processed within 3 days, so you can apply for it right before you trip. This move is part of the UK plan to digitize their border by 2025 and applies to Kuwaitis, GCC citizens and Jordanians.

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19 replies on “UK Starts Visa-Free Entry Next Month”

The first paragraph:
“you will require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which costs £10 (4KD) and last two years.”

Am guessing its “last two years’ bank balance”?

Is this supposed to be new? My father applied for this when he went to the UK from Korea back in 2017. He applied online and had the ETA printed out.

It is the same in all respects but one, ETA’s have been in effect for a number of years for Kuwaitis traveling to the UK but it was for a single entry. The new one Mark is talking about is valid for multiple entries for a period of two years.

That is not correct information. Up until now Kuwaitis required visas to enter the UK. Starting next month Kuwaitis no longer require a visa. It has not been in effect for number of years, it’s been effect for 0 years because it hasn’t gone into effect yet.

You’re confusing ETA with EVW (electronic visa waiver). EVW is a visa, ETA is not.

I can already visualise Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus teeming with Kuwaitis come National / Liberation day weekends and all Eid holidays.

You can get an ETA instead of a visa if you’re coming to the UK for up to 6 months for tourism, visiting family and friends, business or short-term study.

from their website. if anyone is looking for this info

Hello Guys, I am in a difficult situation, it is related with UK Student Visa of my son, any suggestion or help would be highly appreciated and much needed.
UK Home office (UKVI) is asking Kuwait Finance House to verify provided bank statement through email or receive their call to confirm the same But KFH is saying it is not their policy to reply on external emails or send external emails. We are stuck in the middle, if no email from KFH in next couple of days then Student visa will be rejected. Account statement issued by KFH, attested by Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs but UKVI is insisting on email from KFH which is not going through…

Hello, try to call an office like Ulearn for example and ask them if they can suggest a solution or help you. Ulearn is an office that helps students in kuwait study in the UK. Their instagram is @ulearnabroad

This is not the appropriate platform to air your grievances.
What would you like people on here to do? Harass KFH into emailing the UK Home Office because Muhammad Shafique asked us to on an online blog?
I hope you can resolve your problem soon but discussing it on here is unprofessional, inappropriate and just strange.

Wow some people are just triggered by the smallest of things. Relax! The poor man is facing a problem and he asked for help. Maybe he just frequents this blog a lot. The community here is pretty helpful as far as I have seen( except for a few- guess who). A lot of expats hang around here too. Maybe someone faced a similar issue and might be able to guide him. He wrote it on a public forum. Not on your forehead.

@Muhammad – please contact an organization or an agency that has direct ties with the UK Home Office like an immigration consultancy firm or British Council. They will definitely guide you.

@AnonymousTroll- If there was something one of us could do then fine but randomly airing out your grievances on a public forum isn’t appropriate no matter how you spin it. Otherwise, a ton of people on here will ask for money or tell us about how their sponsors are screwing with them (which is frequent and oftentimes, very cruel).

I hope he can resolve his problem soon. And that you can butt out.

There is no grievance. Asking suggestions or way-out on a deadlock between two entities. May be someone else faced the similar situation. 248am is maintaining decent helping community, we can ignore the exceptions.

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