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Using the Apple Vision Pro in Kuwait

This past weekend I picked up the Apple Vision Pro and since then I’ve been using it daily, mostly exploring it and trying to figure out what to do with it.

First things first, if you’re planning to pick up an Apple Vision Pro in Kuwait, you need to know that you won’t be able to pick the proper sized light seal. Before purchasing the AVP from the Apple Store, they ask you to scan your face so they could recommend the proper light seal. You can do that through the Apple Store app and according to the scan, I needed a size 21W. If you’re buying an AVP from the grey market, there is no way to know what size light seal you’re getting since Apple doesn’t mention the size on the outside of the box. So it depends on your luck, I ended up with the light seal size 33W which was what Apple recommended for my wife. It doesn’t fit well on my face but I’m dealing with it till my light seal arrives. I got a brand new one off eBay for $150 but Apple sells them for $199. So just something to keep in mind.

Secondly, the AVP prices in Kuwait are quite a bit cheaper than Apple prices in the US. The cheapest price I found locally was 999KD at Best Electronics. In comparison, it costs around 1,160KD in the States with tax, but without shipping to Kuwait. Expect to pay around 20-30KD on top of that to ship to Kuwait since the box is pretty heavy. But then again, if you don’t end up with the correct light seal size you’ll have to pay for that, but it would still be cheaper to buy it locally and you’ll end up having an extra light seal.

Other than that, if you already have a US Apple Store account which I assume everyone already has, then you’re pretty much set. If you have a Kuwait Apple Store account it won’t work in the AVP since the AVP is only available in the US at the moment. If you want to use streaming services like Disney and Max, you also need a smart DNS proxy. Disney Kuwait won’t work (uses app from Kuwait store) and I don’t think there is a VPN option on the AVP, but smart DNS is easier to set up anyway.

My first impression of the AVP? It’s difficult to explain. I love it, it’s definitely the future, but if you’re asking me if you should get one, then the answer is no. If you already got one or are planning to get one, then you made the right decision. It’s confusing I know but if you already decided on the AVP it’s most likely for the same reason as me, to be there at the start of what I think is the future, and not because it’s worth getting one now.

It’s such an incredible device, using it and doing things with it is like nothing else I’ve experienced, so much so that I keep wanting to share my experience with someone else. That’s what’s also so weird about the AVP, it’s such a solo device but yet the experiences are ones you want to share with others. I’ve been constantly annoying my wife asking her to put on the AVP so I could let her experience various things I got to experience.

I will have to do a proper review of the device, but right now I’ve mostly been using it for two things, watching TV and playing ToXun. ToXun is a game that randomly puts you somewhere on Earth in Google Street View, and you need to guess where you are in the world. It’s pretty difficult but I’ve been quite good at guessing at least which country I’m in.

Watching TV on the other hand is just a really really incredible experience. For one thing, you can now have a TV anywhere. I have just one TV by choice in my apartment, but with the AVP I can now set up a large Cinescape movie theater anywhere I want in my place. I’ve watched a variety of content so far from simple TV shows to what Apple calls Immersive Videos. I’m not sure how to describe immersive video because until I experienced it I hadn’t experienced anything like it anywhere. Imagine a super large Imax screen that towers above and below you but is also in 3D. Actually, I don’t think that describes it properly. Imagine, you’re standing inside the film watching, that’s what these videos feel like. There aren’t many of them but my favorite is called Adventure and takes place up high in the mountains where a female climber sets up a high line to cross over a cliff. It’s really well shot, the 3D scenes make me feel like I’m right there, and anywhere I look I see beautiful views. They’re not 360 videos, but they do wrap around your peripheral vision.

But your regular 3D movies look great as well. I was never a fan of 3D movies because of the glasses you had to wear and how they darkened the screen. With the AVP they’re much much better. I watched the movie Gravity last night in 3D inside my theater and it was incredible, I felt like I was up there with them in space.

So far the AVP has been a great experience. I just ordered a compact carrying case for it from Waterfield in case I want to travel with it and use it on the plane. Not sure I’d be comfortable doing that just yet, but will see how it goes.

If there is anything specific you want to know or want me to try out, let me know in the comments.

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The first time I picked it up I was like wtf this is so heavy. I was positive it was heavier than my MacBook Air until I looked it up and realized it wasn’t but that’s how heavy it felt. I haven’t had issues with the weight and I use the solo knit band with it, plus the light seal isn’t the right one for me so it doesn’t sit on my cheek properly. I imagine with the correct seal it will be more comfortable.

Field of view is fine like I don’t notice it, supposedly with the 21W light seal it will be even better.

Have you tried reading books with the device? In the reviews I watched, no one mentioned how the reading experience was.

The only time text isn’t clear is when I’m trying to read my iPhone screen, the rest of the time the text is very sharp, like it’s not something you think about sharp. So far I haven’t been in a situation where I wished the screen was any sharper.

No I haven’t, I wouldn’t be the right person to check with since I don’t read books, ebooks included. I’d imagine it not being a good experience since u would be reading a floating book in the air? Not sure

how are their prices so cheap? been researching the Anker 20,000Mah powerbank all day and the cheapest price I found was 52kd. they’re selling it for 38.5!

Ok so Taw6eel were supposed to deliver power bank within 5 hours. Over 5 hours later the item hadn’t been picked up for delivery according to customer support. We agreed they would deliver next day by 9 before I head to work. It’s 9 now and nothing yet. So not a great first experience so far.

Trying to cancel my order now but been on hold waiting for an agent to pick up for 15 mins. I found the same power bank cheaper at Eureka so will just get it from there

Yeah that’s a rando guy full of clickbait videos. He made a full clickbait video of another article that was based on hearsay. But I guess you just care about how many followers he has and the headline.

no headache and no motion sickness. I get motion sickness easily so was worried I’d get it using the vision pro but so far no issues. But I might get motion sickness if I watch a first person perspective of a rollercoaster ride or something. not gonna risk trying it out!

1. Not sure if you can – but if you get a chance to compare the experience with an Xreal Air 2 pro, that would be great as well.

2. How is the battery life?

3. If you use it inside a moving vehicle, do you get motion sickness?

1- no idea what that is

2- I haven’t had to leave it off the charger for long. I’ve mostly been using it plugged in or if unplugged just for an hour or so. From what I read battery life is around 2-3 hours which is why I bought a powerbank last night (although not sure really why I bought a powerbank since I don’t think I’ll be using the vision on the plane).

3- Will have to try it out, I’d get motion sickness in a car for sure since I get motion sickness looking at my phone, but I think I should be fine on a train or plane

There needs to be spatial porn, someone uploaded a spatial video shot at a strip club and it felt like I was there. You’ve got an iPhone, shoot some spatial video for me in Vegas and send them over

Why would i do that when i can invite you over to enjoy the festivities live & in as many spots as you want ?

So I searched yesterday and found an amateur couple who do AVP spatial porn. I downloaded a couple of their free videos, they shoot using the AVP but it’s all indoor with terrible lighting so video quality isn’t that great. But I see the potential, if Apple can make porn in the same quality as their immersive videos this thing is gonna be a hit.

Or better yet, large strip clubs like Spearmint Rhino could have the budget to shoot proper spatial videos of their girls stripping, charge a monthly fee and they’d hit gold.

Hey good idea i will suggest it to them BUT i wonder if that infringes on privacy laws because of innocent bystanders who are they to support single moms

Mark, you think you can get your hands on a Meta Quest 3, and do a comparison please?

I want to get a headset, but the cost of the AVP is tough pill to swallow, and the MQ3 is much much cheaper (and it has legit VR games)

Quest 3 is definitely a much better gaming system since there aren’t that many games out yet on the AVP. But anyone who has used both say there is no comparison, the AVP is a much better device in every way hardware wise, and on top of that you get the Apple vision os

I’ve also purchased AVP earlier (you might recall me selling it here). It’s frustrating and weird that Kuwait’s Tech Shops don’t even know what they’ve ordered and causing all that confusion about light seal sizes. Its worse when they claim its “Free Size”.

During the first few days of me trying it out, my experience is mostly in agreement with yours. But you know what? I’ve actually started picking up my Quest 3 more after selling the AVP.

I’ve logged in to AVP with my Kuwait’s account, but later Added the US account as a second apple account. which allows me to use my Kuwait’s icloud data but be able to purchase and consume US based content (like I do with Apple TV).

Ultimately, two things made me sell. Lack of official support in Kuwait (I hate workarounds), and Weight.

If those two are resolved, oh I’m gonna picking one up.

I think the whole light seal issue is because the local shops aren’t ordering it themselves. I think they went through a middle man similar to how things were when the iPhone originally came out. And due to Apple not marking the box with sizes, there really is no way to know what’s inside. But, paying $200 for a light seal is also ridiculous, I got mine off eBay new for 150 and although expensive still better than 200. Also picked up a small sizes solo knit band for my wife from eBay, new in box for $68, also expensive but better than apple’s 99$ asking price.

With current price posted in Kuwait, I’d finally agree with someone buying it and purchasing the correct size strap and lightseal afterwards.

Why do you assume that everyone already has an Apple account? I don’t have one so stop assuming, please.

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