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Watch the World Cup at the Container Park

The Touristic Enterprises Company is nearly done constructing a container park on Salmiya’s Blajat beach which they’re calling “KWT FAN BOX”. The container park is being built to broadcast the World Cup 2022 matches which are going to start on November 20th and continue into December.

The container park will have various entertainment and sports activities, cafes, and restaurants as well as five screens broadcasting the games. Four of the screens will be distributed around the container park with a fifth main and gigantic 11x6m screen located in the center. There will be 1,500 parking spots available which hopefully should be enough or else there will be even more major congestion on that already heavily congested street.

Some of the restaurants and shops that will be opening at the park include:

A Store
Al Rifai
Ebn 3amy
Illy Cafe
Joy Cafe
Lulu’s Tea House
Meme’s Curry
Ratio Cafe
Rib Eye Steak House
Shake Shack
Tuta Sushi
Yoosee’s Chicken

KWT FAN BOX is expected to open on November 20th but I passed by yesterday and it looked like there was still a lot of work to be done so I’m very curious to see if they’ll manage to finish on time. Once it does finish the park will be open daily from 10AM until midnight.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Entrance ticket per person: 2.5 KD
Entry is free for children under the age of five
Entry is free for the domestic workers accompanying a family
For groups of 4 people or more, the entrance ticket is 2 KD per person

Here is the location of the park on Google Maps. To stay posted on the project, check out their Instagram account

Update: KWT FAN BOX is now open.

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Just a pity that there wasn’t more advance notice that the World Cp was happening, otherwise obviously this would have been completed on time…

Was passing by the Causeway and spotted a huge digital display erected on the Southern Island with many food trucks surrounded by it. I drove down there and saw the preps are going on. I could not go in and inquire for details since the entrance was closed and a couple of cop suvs.

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