How to Watch the World Cup in Kuwait

The World Cup 2022 starts in just a few days and the only way to watch it legally at home (from what I’m aware) is through beIN Sports. Fifa+ doesn’t support Kuwait and KTV hasn’t announced if they’ll be broadcasting the games for free as of this post.

There are two ways to watch the games on beIN, if you already have a beIN receiver and a subscription, you can add the World Cup package to your existing subscription as an add-on. If you don’t have a Bein box then you have two options:

beIN Sports
Subscribe to the World Cup 2022 stand-alone package with beIN but this setup isn’t going to be cheap since the stand-alone package will cost you $225 without the receiver.

TOD Tournament Ticket
TOD is a subscription-based streaming platform that launched early this year. They exclusively host beIN SPORTS content and offer a World Cup 2022 package for $80. With this subscription you get unlimited access to beIN SPORTS channels MAX 1-6 from the 1st of November to the 31st of December. Their app is available for both iOS and Android devices and supports the ability to cast onto your television using Airplay or Chromecast.

If there is an alternative way to watch the World Cup 2022 legally, let me know in the comments.

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You can always do Peacock with VPN/DNS. Technically it’s sort of legal since you’re paying for it anyway. I guess I don’t quote me on it.

“Would this subscription you get unlimited access to beIN SPORTS channels”
With this subscription…

Also, I hope BeIN has fixed their online platform. Was subscribed to it a few years ago for the Champions League and it was awful.

Despite 2 factor verification and changed passwords – there would always be some user or the other that would get added and use my log in.

Also the stream quality would just drop to 240p and stay there (despite having a good internet connection).

Another legit way (but round about) would be to get a VPN and watch it online through Jio (India) – but keep your expectations low with regards to the usability of the website.

Also, any idea on how much Vox is planning to charge for showing the matches in their cinemas?

I heard they’re going to have these outdoor areas for watching too, like this “container park” they’re building with murals and street art, seatings and screens. It’s going to be around the Blajat area.

Is it available for apple tv without issues of streaming ?

Not a games guy so never tried it so someone with experience let us know what works well with apple tv


That’s annoying for me cause my apple tv airplay has a lag on it and even the apple support doesn’t know how to fix it

I think the best way to do it sitting in Kuwait is to go get a shuttle flight out of Kuwait to Doha else in a sports bar in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Oman with a formidable British expat presence.

Tod is the Worst app on the planet , missed most of the game , it keeps crashing . Its a waste of money, its a scam not worth 80 dollars subscription, you cant even contact them. I watched 10 min of the game then it stops , after resting the app it tells you you need to register the device. I registered my tv maybe 10 times. Dont recommend it at all. And even on your phone it takes a long time to work if it works.

Bein satellite subscription works perfect. I am never a fan of watching sports on streaming regardless of internet speed there is always a lag and might stop at any moment. Cable has to be the first option. And to watch it on 4K is amazing. 130KD well spent for an ultimate package 6 months subscription and a 4K Receiver. Includes Bein connect also for tablet/phone

Could be, but you have the Premier League, ChampionsLeague, Bundesliga, La Liga, even something that I find crazy to be broadcasted over here like the south american world cup qualifiers and Copa Libertadores and Sudamerica, plus Euro, Copa America, AFCON, olympics, tennis open etc, In my opinion it’a worth it only if you are a real sports fan. The entertainment and cultural channels are not bad also. By the way, Bein has way cheaper plans starting from 3KD a month and the standard receiver is only 30 KD. But you don’t get all the sports channels, you only get them with the premium and ultimate package which are 9 and 16 Kd respectively, but only on ultimate you get the Seasonal events like the world cup.

Apparently all the national broadcasters of the GCC region are allowed to broadcast a few matches live for free.

Anyone know which matches will be shown on KTV 3 and KTV Sports Plus?

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