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I think I just found the funkiest designed clothing store in Kuwait and sadly its only for woman. I was leaving Platform and on my way out back to the main road when I saw this extremely trendy looking storefront right across the street from the BMW showroom. I didn’t know what it was and I wasn’t sure if it was open or not so I started driving really slow and then I noticed some girls walked into the place. I couldn’t tell what the place was because the windows were sand blasted so I parked my car and hoped for the best. As long as it wasn’t a lingerie store or someones house I figured I would be ok.

I opened the door and walked in and to my surprise it was a clothing store and it looked really trendy. The clothing racks were lined up on the side of the store and there were two pinball machines right in the center and in the rear there was a huge pink seating area. I walked around a bit and then left and will definitely go back with Nataly. The place is called 4 and it wouldn’t look out of place in Soho.

Note: Notice how I have 3 posts today on 3 different new stores?

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  1. K.theKuwaiti says:

    You still don’t have pants.

  2. Talal says:

    Shakespeare’s at the door; he wants to slap you for the atrocity that is your introductory sentence.

  3. KWT23 says:

    as far as i know, it’s a concept store.
    I’m going to be there tomorrow for an event.

  4. confused says:

    yes mark, we noticed

  5. STING says:

    why you didn`t try to go to 109 in sharq near al raya complex (ghawali center)
    you can find there the Top Italian fashion brands .
    and it is the first luxury concept boutique in Kuwait
    109 is already a successful fashion retail business in Lebanon.

  6. Mark says:

    Well thats because I am not interested in top Italian fashion brands. What interested me in 4 was the actual store, I dont even know what brands they carry.

  7. Sal says:

    It looks like the meatpacking district in NYC where Robert Di Nero has his restaurant “The Tribeca Grill”.


    Good luck

  8. Marzouq says:

    I have been to that place a couple of times, I really like what they have.. they sell furniture, paintings, clothing, bags and a couple of other things. I know people that bought things there!

  9. Fuzz says:

    im going there for an event tomorrow too.

    KWT23: You wouldn’t happen to be somehow affiliated with BBS would u?

  10. Mark says:

    I dont think its the same place cuz they didn’t have any furniture, paintings or bags!

    Maybe they removed them for the event KWT23 mentioned above?

  11. Mark says:

    Ok there were some girls there who looked like highschool students so i am guessing they were preparing for the event.

  12. zaydoun says:

    Sal… Tribeca Grill is in… Tribeca! The Meatpacking District is nowhere near it

  13. Sal says:

    Well its about a mile away. I was drunk at the time and the area looked the same to me. No wait! I think I did go to a restaurant in the MP district. I was with a hot Colombian lady, she took me there and I’ll be damned if I can remember it’s name. It was close to a cross-dresser gay bar. There were playing music from the Rocky Horror show or somethig. Its all a blur to me now.

    Good luck

  14. MiYaFuSHi says:

    Any1 have more info on the store?

    A website maybe?

  15. Holla says:

    wait so this shop is located in Industrial shuwaikh?

  16. SWOS says:

    khayes la7ad yero7la, all crappppppy American brands…

  17. hammoodee says:

    109 is nasty…just by watching those hideous ads on Fashion TV

  18. Pink Moon says:

    Mark: They probably cleared the stuff our for the event. They normally have big paintings on the wall, clothing, accessories, and if I’m not mistaken, they DO sell Men’s clothing.

    Zaydoun: That was hilarious.

  19. MK says:

    I hope they soon open trendy outlets for MEN as well like H&M in UK or similar.

  20. Rashisha says:

    I’ve Heard of that place ..never been in though… ill have to check it out!

  21. KWT23 says:

    Fuzz: I’m previously known as flippax ;) …. senior # 7 :P

    Mark: i am just back from there and it is a really cool place. It is comfy and cosy, and their service was very good. A really cool place to check out!

  22. shut up SWOS the place is damn good. they have boudicca (which is NOT a crappy american brand and believe me i know crappy ameribrands from couture-quality makes) its so art space it makes me tingle with excitement (how cheesy? haha), the decor is beyond fab, the atmosphere relaxed and the owner delightful. nothing like it in k-town thats fo sho. check it out if your life depends on it.

  23. and incedentally i had unwittingly posted about it on my blog after our event with inside pics. click on my name

  24. Anas says:

    Yah its called ‘4’ located in the Mahdi Habib Builing right next to the bmw showroom and Yousif al Ghanim head quarters .. .. they carry MEN cloths FOR SURE .. , but they are probably out of stock of most of them at the moment .. they sell furniture, paintings, clothes, bags,, and also have a cafe coming soon .. (the cafe was working when they first opened, but then their cook/chef left them and now they are in the process of hiring a new one) their website is: http://www.thenumber4.com … last time i checked it was under-construction .. i like the over all feel of the place, they are going for a colette kind of theme with the candy scattered all over their tables … but it’s WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for None-BRANDS (that’s what i like to call brands with no tags) they have a lot of nice stuff .. but it only targets a certain community of people .. even though some stuff there are not worth a 1/4 of their price .. i can see it’s concept working in a lot of countries .. but not in Kuwait .. no one wants to pay 2000 KD on a jacket that doesn’t even have a label ;) (that might be an exaggeration, but you know what i mean).. its a nice location though .. very spacious and has A LOT OF POTENTIAL if it ws managed well .. owned by two sisters from Albahar family .. (ALAH EYWAFEG-HOM ENSHALA ..wish them all the best..)

  25. khaled says:

    I heard alot of amazing stuff they have in store! some “fansy” stuff!
    they have Madona’s Belt! they have Elvis cigarrette! they have some collectible items!

  26. Hanoda says:

    I heared about but didn`t have to check it out ,I heared it had really high priced paintings maybe her father would buy the left over ,hint .. hint…

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