Archery at Discovery

Post by Mark

I passed by Discovery Mall with some friends from work to have lunch and noticed they had an archery section set up. Turns out for this month only you can go and shoot arrows at fake deers, beavers and bears. The setup is pretty nice and the price is KD1 for 6 arrows. Discovery Mall is located right next to the ice skating rink.

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  1. Frankom says:

    wow ! amazing might go there tomorrow ! thanks for sharing :>

  2. N says:

    That would be great if they held off till Robin Hood hit the cinemas :)

  3. Marzouq says:

    Thanks for the heads up! The bow looks cool!

  4. Lucky_Boy says:

    reminds me of showbiz

  5. BOW says:

    Hi I would like anyone who goes there to please give me some info about the trigger pull. it seems in the picture somoneone is holding the string without a bow release, ( is going to hurt).

  6. Reno H. says:

    Hey thanks for this Mark! Good time pass.

  7. lensman says:

    Coool… Always wanted to try it out…

  8. Fatma says:

    Hmmm intresting, would luv to try it :)
    and I’ve wanted to let u know that I’ve just installed ur blog app on my I phone, it’s cool :D

  9. SWOS says:

    would be cool if you could go with friends n shoot each other.

  10. Diver_71 says:

    I try it and must every one try it, cuz it realy funny :)

  11. Zed says:

    where is this mall? i dont even know were the ice skating rink is

  12. Fatma says:

    Zed : if ur on the first ring road going towards Shiratoon area, u’ll find both on ur right side :)

  13. Abeer says:

    Thanks Mark for the post & U R more than welcome any time…. everybody here will get 5 free shots just by mention the blog :)


    Jungle Archery Game by Diva Glam & A3 Team

  14. marwa abul says:

    hey everyone
    if you want to start up anew hoppy dont miss this classy sport with proffishional team

    not many people in kuwait knows about Archery dont miss tp be one of the first group

    you could enjoy this sport any where in the world insted you dont know where to go

    have fun :)

  15. Simon says:

    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone here know if there is such an archery club in Kuwait?
    I have been looking for ages for one. Cant seem to find it. I am more of a compound bow person….so if it is a re curve bow club, i do not think they will allow me in. But anyways first think is to FIND a place. Any suggestions?

  16. Kea says:

    Hi, anyoane knows if there is an archery club for kids?I really wish my kids to be trained in archery in a very profesional way.

  17. Rajesh says:

    Checkout for some exciting news about archery for all in Kuwait.

    Hopefully very soon.

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