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Calma – Float Therapy

Yesterday night I dropped by Calma, the first float center in Kuwait. Float centers (sometimes called spas) use large pods called isolation tanks that you float inside of in complete darkness to deprive your mind of external senses. The pods are soundproof and filled with extremely salty shallow water that is heated to your body temperature. The saltwater allows you to float effortlessly on the surface while zoning out in complete darkness and silence.

People use flotation tanks for muscle relaxation, to lower anxiety and to help with depression.

When you first walk into Calma it feels like you’ve just walked into a spa. After a small introduction on isolation tanks you’re led into one of their four flotation rooms where you’ll have access to your own pod and private shower. There you’re given some more instructions before you’re left alone to start your float session.

Although I had heard of flotation tanks before, I only got to try it for the first time yesterday. I was curious to know how it would feel floating in the tanks but I was also curious to see if it would feel claustrophobic or not. I did an MRI scan once and it felt extremely uncomfortable and so was worried this would feel the same. It surprisingly didn’t! The pod actually feels spacious once you’re inside, even after you close the lid. Then, once you turn off the lights it no longer feels like you’re inside a pod, it feels like you’re floating in the ocean in complete darkness or even in space.

The flotation sessions last one hour and cost KD30. Compared to prices abroad that’s fairly reasonable considering we’re in Kuwait and that Calma is located in the basement of Symphony Mall and not some shady first-floor building in Salmiya. Right now they’re in their soft launch phase and only accepting bookings through direct message on instagram. So if you’re interested in trying this out you can find them on instagram @calma_kw

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Did you like it? Did it relax you? Did it make you wiser and more insightful? Would you do it again? How different is it from a bathtub filled with warm salt water and the lights off?

I only did 10-15 mins yesterday since I had a bunch of things I needed to do and so just wanted to see how it felt like for my post. Gonna schedule a proper session this week. It’s not the same as a bathtub since when you’re floating in water in darkness inside a flotation tank, you’re not touching the sides of the tank. If you were to touch anything like the sides of your bathtub then you wouldn’t be eliminating the sense of touch.

One of the main differences is that the temperate of the water inside the pod is the same as the temperature of the air inside the pod, so when you’re relaxing in the darkness of the pod you eventually stop feeling like you’re floating in water.

Interesting concept but as I was reading it resembled a coffin with the darkness part and having the lid closed on you.

“feels like you’re floating in the ocean in complete darkness or even in space” – dont know how that would calm someone but then again to each their own.

The lid isn’t ‘closed on you’ …..that sounds like you’re locked it… You close the lid from the inside, you don’t have to close it down fully and it takes the slightest push from your finger to open it. Take it from someone who is claustrophobic, floating is amazing πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I’ve done this float before several sessions actually not just one time.
Is it worth the money? Not really.
Do you get a bit more relax Yes you do.

Alternatives would be trying to meditate.
Taking a bath is not the same thing but it does help relax and sooth muscles. I use the bathtub a lot more. Don’t have to drive an hour for a float or spend $85 per session.

It really depends on the person though. You can reach a point of peacefulness in the tank that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. It’s also good for problem solving and anxiety. Can you get similar results meditating? Yes, but not everyone can achieve this through meditation.

Interesting, I use to read your blog when I lived in Kuwait 2003-2005. I started manufacturing float tanks in 2012.

I’m the leading manufacturer of Float tanks out of Norfolk VA. I can answer any questions if anyone has them about floating.

Floating will effect everyone a little different, you want to shoot for about an hour of float time in the dark (you can float with the light on and music on as well). You want to fall into a theta dream state.

Also like anything you do you should try three time as your first time you might be apprehensive and not fully relax, it’s like going scuba diving the first time, you may not be completely at ease.

It’s not like a bath as the water has over 1,000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt, and the water temp is regulated to be the same temp as your skin 93.5ish. This creates the weightless environment where your full body relaxes as well as being lager to fully extend the body. If done correctly it answers the question “What if we remove all the senses from the body”!

I have done 14 floats in Kingston Ontario Immerse Spa. i find it different each visit but overall it is a very great therapy not only for stress but your skin and also Magnesium is helpfull for your Heart.

Yes, 1,000+ pounds of medical grade epson salt. Our deluxe room uses 1,500. The room as described above are typically larger than the pod styles. They use a door for entering verse a lid that kind of goes up. We manufacturer two different pod styles and two sizes of rooms. We are working on an inflatable one for home use.

98 is the temperature inside of us, The surface skin temperature is 93.5. By heating the water to the skin temperature once we get settled we shouldn’t be able to feel the water.

Sean and Jesse at float Toronto are my customers, they are one of the more successful float centers, but I do recommend going with pods and rooms just in case someone prefers one over the other.

Did that guy say 1000 lbs of salt?

After an hour of stewing in that brine you probably get out looking like a pickle from a shwarma.

The experience sounds awesome. I think once in the pod and floating it would be great! Thanks for sharing.

I tried the experience in Toronto but they don’t use tanks. It’s more like a very small rectangular dunk pool that you can move around in while floating. The ceilings are high which, even in the dark, helps to not feel claustrophobic because you know you’re not closed in like a coffin. Any little movement you make, you’re floating around in the dark and have to anchor yourself by touching the sides of the pool. I couldn’t wait for the hour up be over. I expected a closed tank, like the one you had. I’ll try one like that next time.

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