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Deera App – Does it work?


Back in April I posted about Deera, an iPhone app which allows you to report issues with public services. The way it worked was fairly simple, you snapped a photo of the problem, specify what the issue was along with the location and then submit it. But does it work? Yes it does!

Last night I decided to use the app to report a garbage issue I spotted on my way home and just a few moments ago I got tagged on Instagram with the issue sorted. That’s a turnaround of under 12 hours. By flipping through the reported incidents in the app and then checking the Deera app Instagram account you’ll see that the majority if not all the incidents are getting fixed right away.

I have to say I am pretty surprised and impressed. Not just at the app but at the fact that the people behind the app are able to coordinate and get action from the different municipalities so quickly. Theres actually a huge pile of leftover construction material right in front of my building that has been there for months which I can’t wait to report now. If there was an award for best local app of the year this would have to be it.

If you want try this app you can download it for free from the Apple Store either by searching for Deera or by clicking [Here]

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OMG I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS MORNING! I remember RJ Aki mentioning about it om the radio couple of days back, but I guess its just for Iphone. There are these street lights near Shuwaikh industrial area which are forever on (even in daylight) which is absolutely unneccessary! Now because I have an android I cannot upload the photo which sucks 🙁

Hi Em,

I believe that the Deera team has announced that the Android version will be released soon and in the meantime you can snap a picture of the problem and specify its location and send it to them direct on instagram or you can use their website to report the issue 😉 happy reporting!

Is this the place to report the Green Waste Bowsers that illegally dump their loads in the storm drain system instead of taking it to get treated? I see these vehicles unloading in areas close to the sea, especially Messila and Abu Hassaniya – the filth that then drains into the sea is shocking.

They called me saying i should stop reporting road problems, the ministry is taking ages to fix it.

the waste problem is working tho, like you say. if u report any waste its usually gone the next day, but i still have a fucken pot hole infront of my house that didn’t get fixed since april when you introduced us all to this app.

I honestly find it annoying (and offensive) when apps are out only for iphones. Why? Is that the only phone around?

On the other hand, great work with the idea and implementation. Now for porting it into other platforms.

Reality is… there are companies getting paid millions to fix those things and clean up. And just like everywhere in the world, citizens have role in reporting these problems to the appropriate government institutions so they can do their jobs and have the problem dealt with. People ask why is Khaldiya or Edaliyah cleaner than some “outer” residential areas? despite the fact that they’re being managed under same municipality? The answer is simple… people in Khaldiya and Edaliyah would report these problems and keep complaining until problem is fixed… while those in outer areas don’t bother and just take it for granted that their areas are “worse” than those within the capital!

Great application, i have tried and it indeed get things fixed in the country.

Wish i can point and click at majlas el umah 🙂

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