Aramex vs DHL

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Jacqui has put up an Aramex vs DHL experiment. She ordered the two exact items and shipped one to her Aramex mailbox and one to her DHL. She then posted in detail her experience. The conclusion? Find out [Here]

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  1. Jacqui says:

    That’s cool hehehe I am glad you found that post useful :) Coming up my post about ordering an iMac 27″ via #DHL and it’s quite insightful :)

  2. BAJS says:

    I also came to the conclusion that dhl is awesome. 300 USD projector came and all I had to pay was for the shipping. Unlike my liquid bottle fiasco, learned a valuable lesson actually. Never order any form of liquid as you will get charged alot for customs.

  3. indiancurry says:

    I had a bitter experience with Aramex when I was working in Kuwait which made to resolve never use them again. In 2006 I had asked my Dad to courier my original school & college certificates to Kuwait for certification by the Indian embassy. My Dad sent them by Aramex as the office was located nearby.

    After waiting for a week I got frantic when their tracking page still showed the package on transit and their Sharq office could not locate it even after 3-4 days of my repeated calling. Out of the blue I got a call from the Kuwait Post Office that there is a package for me & could I please come and collect it. I rushed to the GPO and found my Aramex package from which the Egyptian sorters had taken my mobile number and called me. I profusely thanked them in my broken Arabic while physically going to the Aramex office and giving the Manager a piece of my mind after showing them the package. He offered me a free shipment which I did & that was the last time I used them.

    I can only assume that my package got exchanged at the customs with the post but I still shudder to think if I had lost my original certificates which included my Grade 10, Grade 12, College & Post Graduate originals. What I wonder is how could they continue with such a shoddy tracking system and to think Aramex was the Middle East’s answer to UPS. My foot!

  4. musty says:

    Does DHL have the 1 KD delivery charge as well??

  5. MSM says:

    I ordered vitamins from Amazon via DHL. The monkeys at customs are holding it up and I have to go to the ministry of health with a sample number blah blah… I HATE THIS CRAP.

  6. MSM says:

    Has anyone here had to go through this Ministry of Health fiasco? Any advice? Location? Working hours?

    Help me :(

  7. Cajie says:

    Buying edible items online = bad idea.

  8. AIC says:


    am expecting to receive my iMac 27′ 2moro from DHL, its already in Kuwait but its currently at customs,

    can you please tell me how much did DHL charge you for shipping plus customs?

    should I expect my iMac to be delayed at customs, how long did it take your iMac to be cleared?

    I’d appreciate your answer, I’ve waited so long for it (it’s a quadcore ;) )and I just can’t wait any longer

  9. MSM says:

    I can’t find it or anything equivalent in Kuwait. I have to buy it online. Yes its a bad idea, but its the only option. I’ve been ordering it for 2 years, but this new rule where customs has to stick their dick in every package, has messed things up.

  10. MSM says:

    I can’t find it or anything equivalent in Kuwait. I have to buy it online. Yes its a bad idea, but its the only option. I’ve been ordering it for 2 years, but this new rule where customs has to stick their dick in every package, has messed things up.

  11. Shukri says:

    BEWARE… the charge by actual weight is just a promotion from DHL easyshop for the month of December. If you plan to purchase something that will be shipped in January then make sure that the offer is still valid.

  12. MSM says:

    DHL is seeming like a bad idea more and more every day.

  13. BAJS says:

    Shukri I just got off the phone with a DHL agent and I was told that it has NOT been decided on whether it will remain the same or not. In other words they still might stick with the weight only.
    Still if they do switch back I think I will still use DHL just because of how fast they are. So a shipment that I just paid 6.500KD for would cost me 11KD if they charged by volumetric weight.

  14. MSM says:

    I miss the old Aramex. :(

  15. BAJS says:

    In all honesty, your not the only one MSM. If Aramex would turn into the old Aramex we use to know and love, I would switch back to them in a heartbeat.

  16. Mark says:

    Don’t think it’s a December only promo since they’ve been charging based on actual weight for some time now.

  17. BAJS says:

    Its not a promo, but its not been decided on whether it would stay this way Mark, atleast thats what the rep told me.

  18. Mark says:

    If they change to volumetric weight then will have to start using myus

  19. Max says:

    Mark, don’t u think we had enough of DHL and Aramex postings ?

  20. Mark says:

    From the amount of emails and comments I keep getting regarding this issue, no I don’t think I’ve posted enough.

  21. Jacqui says:

    A|C I am not sure if this is a bit late or anything but in regards to your inquiries, the iMac wasn’t held long in Customs half a day or so then it was released. I ended up paying 98.500KD for Shipping since the weight was 19.18kgs and I got charged clearance charges of 17.500KD for it… so all in all I ended up paying 116KD at the DHL offices. And if you check my blog you’ll see the Unveiling of my iMac 27″ and a description of everything I went through I too got the Quadcore 2.8GHz i7 with 8GB RAM and it’s just awesome!

  22. ChuBBy-Doll says:

    DHL ..
    1) will not deliver u pick up ur shipment .
    2) if ur thing over 100$ u gonna pay much for clearance ..
    3) i ordered cookbook and they send it to MOI !!!!!!!!!!! maybe cuz of the naked chickens there !!!!!!! STUPID DHL CLEARANCE

  23. E A A S says:

    about that

    GUST got digits in it ]and they should be selling cheaper products that other branches outside the campus , today I saw some one who is not a student and he bought the iMac 27 from there , but I dunno if he git the discount or no byt mostly he did ,cuz no one go to mishref just to buy a MAC

  24. ChuBBy-Doll says:

    One more thing about DHL …
    i ordered 7 books and i was trying to call JOHN to ask him if he can gather my shimpent and hold till they all arive and send 1 time HE SAID THEY DONT HAVE THIS SERVICE ,,, i ended up paying 20.500 KD for 3 books and the rest im still waitting !!!

    Guess thats enough ..
    is there any other company other than DHL AND ARAMEX ???

  25. Dawain says:

    @ jacqui

    so u payed a total of 116KD for shipping?! one
    like why does DHL pay so much for shipping+ the annoying clearance ;(
    i just made an account on DHL, which is so fast and great but costof the weight for the items eshda3waaa :( i trully missed the old aramex as well

  26. Saad says:

    My first experience with DHL was awesome. The package from amazon arrived my box in Ohio on 17/12. It was sent to Kuwait on the same day. Arrived Kuwait custom on 21/12. I picked up my package from DHL office on 22/12. Talking about speed.. this is really fast.

    To put a happy ending to this experience, I paid only 3.5 KD for shipping based on the actual weight. That is it.. no custom or clearance fees.

    I don’t know about you guys but this surpassed anything I have seen with Aramex.

  27. Saad says:

    Needless to say that the ability to track your DHL shipment on your iPhone with updates every few hours is priceless.

  28. gunsmoke says:

    Aramex is horrible. One of their customer service reps whispered “hamar” under her breath when talking to me thinking I didn’t understand arabic. I then talked to their management and was promised to get called back about the situation, which I never did.

    Thats what made me switch to DHL. Aramex’s prices didn’t bother me, couple KD’s difference was no big deal. Their slow speed didn’t bother me, I was never in a hurry to get my packages. What bothers me is horrible customer service reps who insult their customers and act like we are an inconvenience to them.

  29. Ramez says:

    their tracking system is sucks, its not giving the correct status of the packages

  30. Bo Jaij says:

    Bad news guys…DHL lost my Bluray Shipment. When I contacted them they claimed it “was prohibited DVD” so it was never added to their tracking system….!


    The Blurays I ordered were “Inglourious Basterds” and “The Hangover”

    In my 5 years with ARAMEX..not a single time they failed to ship an R rated movie

    here is DHL reply to my inquiry

    Dear ******

    If the Dvd is rated as adult content then it will be prohibited ,as per the prohibited site ,anything that is against the muslim culture is prohibited

    How ever I have informed borderlinx to advise you on mail the reason


    John Fernandes

    Visapak/Tcpc/Easyshop coordinator.


  31. BAJS says:

    Wow thats bullshit. What a crappy move on DHL’s side…

  32. Pastaholic says:

    Aramex – you never see it happen! *CHING* =D

  33. Mark says:

    Adult content is also illegal with Aramex and they won’t add it to your box. R rated should be fine but if the version of the movies you ordered were unrated or rated NC-17 or Adult they won’t be shipped.

  34. Mike says:

    Today afternoon I went to pick up my small camera I Bought from Amazon and used Easy shop/DHL delivering it here. Based on what I was reading on blogs, I was expecting to be charged, only for shipping and duty which was:

    Shipped weight 0.69 kg
    Duty $ 6.65 KWD 1.92
    Tax $ 0.00 KWD 0.00
    Shipping charges $ 22.44 KWD 6.49
    Total charges $ 29.09 KWD 8.42
    But when it came to payment, They asked for 18.5 KD .. which they said 12.5 of it goes to custom. and after asking them to show me any invoices as a prove that customs really charged them. they refused, saying they don’t have any !!

    and when I told them that I have many people who brought even heavier/more expensive goods through you, and were not charged this much, the guy there was like: it depends on the government custom-employee who clear the goods and his mood. sometimes they just pass everything .. sometimes they charge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I was like … WTF ?!

    I know one thing for sure, I’m not letting this pass easy for DHL .. not before seeing some custom receipts at least !

  35. Bo Jaij says:

    I orderd close to 70-90 unrated DVDs and Blurays using Aramex and none were rejected. including ..get this…CALIGULA on Bluray…you can`t get more UNRATED movie than that.

    It seems that DHL are far more strict than Aramex, and as I mentioned above the movies were The Hangover and Basterds which are not really NC-17 in ANY version.

  36. Mark says:

    If they were just rated R then you should email them and complain. Because their email states your movies were rated as “Adult Content”. A rating of R is not “Adult Content”. Adult content means porn.

  37. Bo Jaij says:

    Let me be clear about this…The actual shipment was NOT added to DHL tracking system. UPS tracking shows it was received and signed by DHL but it didn’t not manifest in their system. And the WHOLE shipment was rejected and not JUST the so called “One prohibited DVD”. So they could have easily removed the ((UNRATED)) DVD and let the rest go through….That did not happen.

    And they did NOT send me a notice, email or anything until I called them after of week of them receiving the Amazon package.

    So I just want people to be aware that Blurays and DVDs these days are released as UNRATED versions and that would automatically make them “prohibited material”by DHL.

    Back to Aramex for DVD deliveries.

  38. Bo Jaij says:


    I just emailed them back and included a copy of my AMAZON invoice which clearly shows that the package includes Kuwaiti-Kosher Blurays only.

    Hopefully this will work.

  39. Mark says:

    keep us posted on what happens. What email address do you email them on?

  40. boss says:

    Jacqui Congratulations you`ve been ripped off by DHL :) Computers are tax exempt so you don`t have to pay that 17 KD at all, well maybe the story is different here because the weight i dunno :/ but care to clear what was that 17 KD for plz ?

    Bo Jaij: there`s something going on between the customs and DHL, they just woke up they will be more sensitive against these stuff because a prohibited shipment got shipped to Kuwait and DHL didn`t check whats inside it from there, the description on the package was sorta a spin off, i really don`t blame DHL on this thing i totally blame the customer but you know they will normally take the blame thats why they become more sensitive against these stuff :1

  41. Mark says:

    I know laptops have tax exempt but are computers also tax exempt??

  42. BAJS says:

    Will we ever be able to order something without having to worry about getting ripped off? God I miss how easy everything was when it came to ordering while I was in the states. I would order through the US Postal service and not be worried about anything getting lost or being charged hidden fees…Comon Kuwait catch up! :P

  43. ! says:

    I ordered inglorious basterds and the hangover via borderlinx and I picked them up 2 days ago. It seems like they lost your package Bo Jaij!!!

  44. Bo Jaij says:


    I know that they lost my package and they are making up excuses. The package did not manifest in my account and most likely was shipped to another Borderlinx client.

    Some will say that can`t happen, how can they mix up accounts ?

    Listen to this

    Last week I recieved a package from Borderlinx and after paying 9 KD for shipping I found out it was not something I have ordered. The includud Bordelinx invoice had my name, suite number and address but it turn out that it belongs to ANOTHER Borderlinx gentelman in CAIRO, EGYPT. After DHL Egypt called me and asked me if I can ship the package directly to the intended person in Cairo!! They Emailed me the name and address. When I asked them why cant I just return it to DHL Kuwait and they can sort this out with you, they said that DHL Kuwait is a LOCAL DHL and they have no contact with them! I tried shipping the package via DHL Kuwait and they charged me $120 so I Emailed Borderlinx again and demanded they find a way to get their package back without charging me more money and they did. They scheduled a pick up at my house via DHL Import express service and I just had to schedule a pick up time, with no charge.

    As for the 9 KD I paid for the wrong package to DHL Kuwait, Im still trying to find a way to get a refund from Borederlinx directly and not from DHL Kuwait.

    Long story short, Borderlinx might get your packages mixed up or lost, I just hope that these problems are happening because of the Christmas rush. But the Cairo- Egypt package is still an outrageous F*** up!!


    Here is the 2nd Email I received from Borderlinx about this “Twilight Zone” incident

    Hi *********

    Welcome to Borderlinx.

    Thank you for the update. This item belongs to a different customer who is based in EGYPT. Would it be feasible for you to re-ship the same to the correct customer. We will re-imburse you the shipping cost incurred if you email us the shipping receipt. Also as a special gesture, we can issue you a US $10 shipping discount code for your next shipment. Please let us know. The correct shipping address is-

  45. Bo Jaij says:

    Yes for a moment in time I was DHL`s only link between Kuwait and Egypt.

  46. Mark says:

    thats is like fucked up in so many ways!

  47. Mike says:

    @bo Jaij: haha .. I know if that happened to me, I’d send them an e-mail cursing the time that I decided to deal with them. how can a company as huge as DHL send u an e-mail telling u that they are not in contact with kuwait’s DHL .. !!!!!!

    Anyway .. today I received another package of mine through easy-shop/DHL, a 42 $ memory card. This one honestly took only 4 days (including today) to reach me, and they charged me only 3.5 KD for every thing, which really somehow made it up to me for yesterday’s ripping off case.

    my final conclusion: every thing is mashi 3al barakah here !

  48. Mohd says:

    WTF how they can ask a customer to ship back a wrong package , since when you started to work for DHL , why don’t they send you some yellow and red paint for your car . What are these guys is smoking or snorting .

    I recall if Aramex done that they come and collect it and pay back what ever they charged you . And if they sent your package to the wrong person they will redeliver it to you and never charged me anything .

    Any way I think Aramex is getting better my item was shipped on 21 today I see it in Q8 , will try to collect tomorrow .

    I have and account with Easyship , but I only shipped one item still I don’t trust DHL .

  49. Bo Jaij says:

    If Aramex can match DHL’s speed and update their awful tracking system they can certainly be my number one option again. But 16 days for one PS3 Video-game Bluray!! It was HELL.

    Merry Christmas all

  50. BAJS says:

    Comon Aramex hear our prayers! Get rid of the 1-2 week BS you have with customs and you will be awesome again!

  51. bader says:

    My shipmet got delivered to Aramex on 12th December and I still haven’t received it. Another shipment got delivered on the 14th and was here in no time.

    Aramex is crappy, but I can’t be arsed to open a DHL account.

  52. Raj says:

    I don’t know if i am just lucky of the nature of my packages (small boxes containing book/video games). The 2 packages i received in december and one package i received today were all delivered within 4 days of their delivery in US. Todays package was delivered on 30th december in US. Appeared in my mailbox on 31st and delivered today morning. I am sticking with aramex for the time being.

  53. Mark says:

    Magazines are a different thing all together. They ship on different flights and don’t go through customs. They’re counted as documents. The discussion above is about regular packages.

  54. Raj says:

    My first package in december was a book and some PSP games. The second was a watch and a wooden watches display case. Today i received 2 PSP games. All were normal packages.

  55. Mark says:

    thats cool, i wonder if they solved their customs delay.

  56. Mohd says:

    same here , they are submitting invoices when the boxes leave JFK .
    so they are OK now speed wise , don’t know what customs will think of next .

  57. Mark says:

    Thats good news. Will try them again and post my results.

  58. Raj says:

    i noticed that all the days they shipped my packages out of US, Kuwait was on 3-4 day holiday both in december and this last weekend. I wonder if the packages that arrive on holidays somehow skip checking by customs ?? The package i received today arrived on saturday evening to kuwait and sunday was a holiday.

  59. Jess says:

    Well guys, ordering food online seems a HUGE mistake, that’s true..
    I’m new to Aramex…

    I ordered some organic peanut butter jar from Amazon, 500 Grams only, it costs – shipping only- $28 ! That’s unbelievable !!!

    It seems everything from USA, using aramex, ships first to UAE then to Egypt where i’m located…
    donno yet, how much will customs cost? I ordered about 7 things, each will arrive on a different date…that’s hell too..

  60. Mark says:

    You ordered a jar of peanut butter from Amazon??

  61. Jess says:

    Yes I did, It sound odd I know, but I wanted to try the organic peanut butter it is not available addition, did not think it will cost that much…Learning is not cheap I guess!

  62. Raj says:

    Guys, I just got 3 more books. Got it today after they hit my mailbox on 4th.

    And this time no clearance charge of 1 KD. The delivery guy said books will not charged the clearance charges. So they are now considered as documents after all.

  63. bebo says:

    I have an account with U shop We ship.
    I ordered a hard drive and ram on March 31, and until today the Status is that it arrived to the US station, other than that, no more info. I called customer service and they have no clue regarding my package. 2 weeks for my package to remain at the STation???? weird…

    anyway, you said laptops aren’t taxed? ARE YOU SURE?? cuz I want to order a laptop soon.
    And should I continue with USWS or go with something else?

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