fight fight fight

Fuck my luck, I have been waiting all day for a decent shot of something and finally when it happens turns out my camera was set on manual focus! Me and Nat where standing at the traffic light which had 3 lanes. We were parked the third row middle. Suddenly a car pulls up beside us with two people in it. The passenger wearing local clothing gets out and goes to the car infront of him and starts punching the passenger there. The driver then follows him and starts kicking in the side windows of the car infront of him and smashing them. By then I had my camera out (it was on my side since I was shooting earlier) and I started taking pictures. Then I realized my camera was out of focus and wasnt focusing because it was set on manual. Suddenly the car that was getting attacked climbs the sidewalk, nearly runs over the guy in local clothing who was trying to hang on to the car, and then crosses the red light nearly hitting an oncoming car. The two attackers get back into their car and rush off in a high speed chase through traffic. Our light turned green so I tried to follow them but it was impossible since they were weaving in through heavy traffic dangerously and then they ran another red light. It was such a rush watching all this happen and it all happened so fast. Damn my luck for having my camera in manual focus. I am sure they would have been interesting pictures. The picture above was the only picture I was able to take after quickly putting my camera on autofocus again. You can see the local guy on the floor and the car jumping off the curb through traffic. You can also see where that car was parked.