Homemade video from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

Post by Mark

hummer15al uploaded to video clips taken by a Kuwaiti family during the Iraqi invasion. Its divided into two parts and you can check them out on YouTube.

Video Diary Part 1
Video Diary Part 2

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  1. Fatality says:

    Very touching man… I hope those days never come back.

  2. vampire says:

    dropped some tears (-_-) “

  3. Rooneyy says:

    im proud to say that shes my aunt ;) thnx 4 the video!!

  4. Tahani Al-Ayoub says:

    i’m glad that you shared my video here .. i’m thankful for that & i appreciate all the comments and views. thanx again

  5. Hasan.B says:

    Rooneyy, You have an amazing aunt!

  6. vampire says:

    Tahani,, thank u for the great video,, very few ppl thought about shooting during the invasion

    i really cried while watching it,, brought many bad memories

    Allah ya7fe’6iCh lena ya Kuwait o Allah la y’3ayer 3alaina

    thanks again Tahani

  7. H²O says:

    Thanks Tahani..
    Thats a very touching video..
    Thanks mark!

  8. TweeZ says:

    I swear to GOd, the Parliament really needs to look at this video so that they can appreciate this country more!

  9. Nashwa says:

    Hi Tahani, very touching video. I am making a documentary about the invasion and am having toruble finding good footage of life under occupation. Can I use your videos and if so, could you please send me the original versions?

    Thank you

  10. O says:

    translation of what she was saying? really interested!

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