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Japanese Bug Fights

Japanee Bug Fights

Is there a game show the Japanese haven’t invented yet?? Japanese Bug Fights is a site with videos of bugs of different species battling out in a small glass arena. If bugs make you squeamish then this isn’t for you. [Link]

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gilly…if you called japan & china land of wierdest shit, and what do you call kuwait?land of …. its weird, but creative =)

When I think about it, it just like cock fights or dog fights, but just using different creatures. Not to be cruel to animals, but its interesting how different insects use their survival tools to the max to survive. Fact is we HUMANS are weird. We humans use other humans in fights (e.g WWF) where the wrestler is merely a pawn in the hands of the manager, and he will even lose the fight for money. So weird. No pride, no dignity.

They’re yet to do a show on Interior crocodile alligator I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.

You can find hundreds of clips about bug fights on youtube all kinds! try it and try animal fights like lions vs tigers.. lions vs buffalo or vs crocodile ,Anaconda vs Crocodile and so on, just wish a fight and u will find it on youtube , I think its FUN :)) they will kill each other anyway thats why they r animals! hehehe this gonna upset bridget bardo

waaay yekhari3 i think the next time i sea a bug i will run especially after these clips !!! ewwwwwww big time !!

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