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The Kuwait Towers Discotheque

Awhile back a reader sent me some PDF files related to the construction of the Kuwait Towers and Kuwait Water Towers. The PDF’s contain photos, sketches and information regarding the projects. For example according to one of the PDF’s the total cost of the Kuwait Towers was KD4,700,000 (or $16,450,000) while the cost of the Water Towers was KD2,800,000 (or $9,800,000).

Among the different sketches and architectural plans lies an interesting bit of information. According to one of the diagrams (close up crop above) there was a discotheque and dance floor planned in the Kuwait Towers on top of the restaurant along with an indoor garden. That would have been a pretty cool club although I don’t know how efficient the elevators would have been carrying the crowd up and down. You can download all the PDF’s and check out a ton of pictures from the construction to the completion of the towers by following this [Link]

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Its so sad to think that something as awesome as the Kuwait Towers was open to the public in 1979… and today in the year 2010, with all the technological advances and wealth all we can come up with is new malls. ;/

Comon Kuwait…

Enough with all the personal’s time to make Kuwait our first priority one again.

I just wish they would lease the space to some of the more creative and enterprising restaurants we have here, with a cool retro design to complement the awesome views… instead of the ugly nightmare that’s up there now

Have you been to any of the rooftop clubs in Beirut? elevators are always a nightmare… but people still go. Don’t worry about those lifts… just get something decent open up there. It’s a shame there’s nothing of great interest. Oh and while you’re at it, let remove those cheap shacks they have up there selling “souvenirs”

the towers were built as a way to pay yugoslavias debt in non cash. the ministry complex is another example. kuwait didnt have a vision, they just wanted the debt to be repaid. why do you think every other govt project sucked ?
too sad the restaurant space is used the way it is now. we need a zuma / nobu caliber place up there


Can somebody send methe detail specifications of Kuwat Towers,as I am based in India and want to make replicas of Kuwait Towers in brass for gift purpose.

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