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Mark Cuban invests in brotips!!

Back in September I posted about Brotips, a website that belongs to a young 16 year old Kuwaiti called Yousef Khraibut. Well Yousef emailed me awhile ago telling me Mark Cuban has invested in Brotips! How cool is that?! Mark Cuban if you don’t know is a business magnate and investor who also owns the NBA team Dallas Mavericks. That’s pretty freaking cool! Here is a link to an article on this deal at FastCompany. [Link]

31 replies on “Mark Cuban invests in brotips!!”

it’s funny how people comment on 248am Mark. whenever there is a story about a kuwaiti (citizen of expat) doing something incredible you barely see any comments. But when it comes to meaningless fights or car accidents insults are whirled from all directions.

tell me about it. when the guy emailed me and told me i was like ecstatic and so excited for him. So i’m surprised no one here cares.

Brotips is a success and they’re not selling cupcakes!

People are just more likely to discuss controversial topics. If you’re happy for someone you stay quiet, if you’re angry at someone you make a big deal. It’s why the internet is such an angry place lol

Great site. I can already see the spinoff possibilities… mugs, tshirts, non fiction bestseller, sitcom, romantic comedy…

Mark, I’ve been looking all over the web for the past half hour and cant find a credible source that points to yousef being the creator, do you have a link where I can read anything about him

I think it is an incredible achievment by a Kuwaiti, a 16 yr old no less. This was an original concept, and obviously a great idea as it is very successful.

I agree people should stop only commenting when they’re hating on things and actually give credit when credit is due. Also, people should use this as an inspiration to come up with their own original concepts instead of copying everyone else and doing the same thing over and over.

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