Sabah Al Ahmad City Cultural Centre

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Not to be confused with the Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center, the Sabah Al Ahmad City Cultural Centre will be located in Sabah Al Ahmad City and feature the following:

– 2 theaters (700 seat & 250 seats for all sorts of theatrical productions)
– 200 seat Conference center with flexibility for hosting conferences with different capacities
– 250 seat Recital hall for music performances
– Children culture center with many cultural activities for children including a 150 seat theater
– Amphitheater for outside performances
– Museum
– Art gallery for hosting art exhibitions
– Library
– Book exhibition for hosting book fairs
– Cultural café
– Oasis: a green air-conditioned large space for public gathering

I originally posted about Sabah Al Ahmad City Cultural Centre back in 2012, but the project disappeared until it was brought back to life last month. It seems Al-Diwan Al-Amiri have taken over the project and its now expected to be completed mid 2018. Al-Diwan Al-Amiri are behind some of the biggest projects in Kuwait like the recently opened Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center. Check out some of the renderings below:

Thanks q8-msc

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  1. Ipsom says:

    Looks great… But why do all diwan amiri projects have that geometric drawing design on the main building?! Getting too repetitive and meh looking

  2. zaydoun says:

    I wish the Diwan would take over International Fair Ground in Mishref and build something along the lines of ADNEC in Abu Dhabi

    • Khaled says:

      RIGHT?! I’ve been saying that for years. Get rid of the dilapidated amusement park equipment, tear down the current ancient halls [slapping alucobond panels onto a rickety old building does not a renovation make] and build a massive, modern, new, energy-efficient facility with spacious, flexible halls and a convention hotel. Throw in lots of open landscape, underground and overground parking, a nice indoor-outdoor food court and improved highway access and you’ve got an absolute winner.

      The way that pocket of Mishref is going right now with the educational facilities, embassies and new buildings come up deserves world-class convention facilities to match.

  3. Ammar says:

    seriously !! another cultural centre !! how about building something that is actually useful for a change – like a proper hospital, usable roads, or putting the money in the metro line that won’t be ready until 2040 !!!

  4. Abdullah says:

    I find it strange….last weekend i went there and ask if there is any muesum ….the security man told me no – just resturants and fountain

  5. ahmed alrasheed says:

    mark do you have any idea on how financially feasible are these projects ? al shaheed, the opera…etc
    at the end of each year is their budget bleeding or self-sustained ?

    • Mark says:

      no idea but my guess is this stuff doesn’t generate any profit at all and they’re not being built to make money anyway.

      Museums, theaters and cultural centres are built to educate, expose and bring new cultural experiences to the people. Like if you’re playing the video game SimCity, museums don’t generate income in the game, instead they help with the happiness level of your population, increase value of surrounding land and helps with the level of education. I imagine its the exact same thing in real life, you build a park, people are happier, more events take place and surrounding land increases in value.

      Now I feel like playing simcity…

      • ahmed alrasheed says:

        i get that but at what cost, i mean almost all of them have commercial spaces rented which means some income is being generated
        it only makes sense if they are self sustained (non profit but still can run byt its own)

        and as a current age of empires II HD player, you should play theme hospital instead

  6. khaled says:

    They should let the Diwan Al-Amiri take care of all the major projects in Kuwait because they are really efficient when it comes to completing quality projects in time.

    They are the ones behind Al-Shaheed Park as well.

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