Flickr Banned in the UAE

Post by Mark

It seems Flickr got banned yesterday in UAE. According to this discussion, Flickr got banned because of the nudity found on it. This said, the UAE users are blamming the people who are shooting nudes for the ban when they should be blaming their government.

Update: According to a comment left in this post the UAE flickr community will be moving to

Update 2: Can’t find nudes on Flickr? Try this link, followed by this link and then this link.

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  1. nibaq says:

    Told you it was going to get banned. But you are right they should be blaming their government. If they want to show the world they are an open and free country and want tourists to visit and take pictures but then have them find out they can’t upload it to Flickr its going to give them a very black eye.

  2. Talal says:

    OK I love the UAE–it’s a beautiful country that’s generously welcomed and housed my family for the last 30-odd years, and for me, Abu Dhabi (and nowhere else) is HOME. But sometimes all I want to do is just slap those hypocritical, self-righteous sons of b**ches from here til infinity.

    I love how they claim to be “God-fearing”, “conservative”, “pious” “Muslims” when, everytime a woman passes them by at the mall, they THROW their phone numbers at them! And gimme a break–Dubai long ago transplanted Bangkok/New York/London/wherever as the world capital of debauchery!

    Sorry for that explosion, but I just had to vent!

  3. M says:

    Interesting topic, Well I’m UAE citizen and an EX-flickr user..
    From my point of view , by such censorship the government is protecting in a way the kids in the UAE ( since the majority of FLICKR users whom are from the UAE) from such exposure.
    I am fully supporter for such action , and believe me when it comes to art work and photography there are a lot different alternatives for artistic people showcasing their work…
    In response to what TALAL said above in his comment on DUBAI and the UAE in general , I totally respect your point of view. But in Dubai do you see the majority of people in malls roads are actually UAE CITIZEN? No ! it’s a very multicultural city .. The government respect there rights of expats when it comes to living and working in our land. It gives them the privileges that they wouldn’t get find in their homeland that’s why they are here, no tax of any sort or form .. They are allowed to practice their religion and beliefs freely . They are allowed to go to nightclubs and bars without them being harassed in anyway possible and the biggest privilege of all is SECURITY, since you live here I am sure you cannot deny that. The government now at least deserve a little respect when it comes to censorship and protecting our youth, don’t you think? It has the right by all means because we do have a lot of privileges that we get from the government. I am so thankful and grateful and proud to be a UAE citizen and I feel that just because we have censorship doesn’t mean we are oppressed, the definition of freedom vary from one culture to another. A great example for that is in the western world they have free press right? When it comes showing footage and pictures of causalities in WARS they don’t preview them ,WHY? Because I am sure they have something they believe in which make sense to them, We don’t label them as being “oppressed” or we don’t claim they don’t have “freedom of press” . UNLIKE the media in the Arab world shows causalities on daily bases. “But sometimes all I want to do is just slap those hypocritical, self-righteous sons of b**ches from here til infinity.” And same thing goes to NIBAQ don’t generalize, and talal I am not sure whom your referring to sense it is not clear , remember you have good and bad anywhere ;)

    Welcoming tourists and expats in our land doesn’t mean we are welling to giving up our culture and identity and I am sure the government again deserve respect for such action. If anyone finds it complicated and hard to understand and totally unbareble to live without flickr they can simply back there bag and leave OR they can remove or use a different proxy!

  4. M says:

    sorry had to edit that!

  5. M says:

    sorry had to edit that!

  6. A says:

    I agree with M …….
    I wish that there is a clean flickr !

  7. A Smith says:

    I am a resident of the UAE but also a Australian Citizen. The issue here is the Government stepping in where parents should be taking the responsibility to safeguard what activities that that their children are doing.
    Im affraid “M” citizen of UAE you are very naive.
    Yes there is tax. What is the Salik tag? “Its a road users tax!” Why are alcohol licences based on salary..yet another tax.. What about the taxes on airfares?
    UAE censors its press. What about Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan torture? Nothing in the papers here.
    What about the building collapses or the many workers that still live in sub standard conditions. (today)
    Skype? Is it illegal to remain in contact with your family?? Etisalat and du do not have video calling functionality.

    You also miss the point. Why would they edit parts of the comedy friends but yet air violent programmes during prime time for children. Isnt violence something that children should be protected from. (Again something for parents to consider here.)

    Flikr needs to add the child safety filters thats all.

    UAE’s culture and identity isnt at risk by the internet, rock n roll, demin jeans all the things that people say are evil.
    Its being destroyed by lazy attitudes. People dont care if the drop rubbish (there are people paid to pick it up)..look at the public beaches.
    I have witnessed Emiratis dumping sewerage in the marina from their boats. Look the number of fatalities on the roads, children not in carseats.
    M its time for you to open your eyes.

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