Hide My Ass

Post by Mark

Since Google VPN is kinda flaky at the moment, you could try anonymous browsing (for Free) using Hide My Ass. [Link]

Note: Keep in mind, Hide my Ass is NOT secure. Meaning if your connection at the office is monitored, they will know where you have been going. For a secure connection use Proxify.

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  1. K says:

    Google vpn is offline .. forever, for now. They didnt expect to have this many users:

    The Google Secure Access client was originally intended to provide secure web access for users at a few local Mountain View, CA “hotspots” that Google established as part of a community outreach program. Adoption of this limited release technology has exceeded our expectations and we recently began restricting access to the few locations it was originally intended for. We are excited about the widespread enthusiasm for this technology and are currently investigating ways to make it more broadly available in the future.

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