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Kuwait Blogs List 2016


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a list of active local blogs so figured it was about time I do so. Below is a list of all the active blogs I”m aware of:

18 Seven (Arabic)
AboFlan (Arabic)
According to Mimi
Adventures of a Jersey Girl
British Girl Lost in Kuwait
Confashions from Kuwait
Desert Girl
Diario de un Sidecar (Spanish)
Jleeb (Arabic)
Kuwait Birding
Kuwait Chronicles
Kuwait Moms Guide
Kuweight 64
Ladies Who Do Lunch in Kuwait
Lady B
Life in Kuwait
LuLu Loves Makeup
LSF: Kuwait City Styl
New Q8 Bride
Pink Girl Q8
Q8 Path
The Hybrids
The Urban Analyst

I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch so if there is a local blog that is active and should be on this list, let me know about it.


2:48PM – A week in review

Commercial: Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness 2013
Rob Ford performs the epic split
Jaguar F-Type Coupe
Zaha Hadid Unveils Design for Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadium
Mayor Rob Ford knocks over Councillor
Giant radio controlled A-380
Georges St Pierre’s Hardcore Bodyguard
Breaking Bad Alternate Ending
IKEA the Movie
Lost at IKEA

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Media coverage on Benihana lawsuit

I’ve tried collecting all the coverage this case has gotten so far and will be updating this post throughout this trial as new sources pop up.

Thank you everyone for your support. It’s just been incredible.

Fake Plastic Souks: Benihana Bashes Bloggers
BoingBoing: Benihana Kuwait sues blogger for $18,000 over bad review
Trying to be Fahad: Defamation or Constructive Criticism?
Catalyze: How not to respond to negative feedback
Snow in Kuwait: 248AM Blogger getting sued
Chicken Nugget: Benihana suing mark from 248am
His & Hers Q8: Being sued for a review
Ansam 518: Mark vs Lawsuit
LWDLK: Benihana suing the blogger of 248am
SuddenlyTwo: Benihana Kuwait #FAIL
Sandier Pastures: Benihana Kuwait sues blogger
oi Nagham!: Benihana vs The People
Lebanon News: Benihana Goes Bananas; Manager Stereotypes Lebanese
+961: Benihana sues one of the most popular bloggers in Kuwait
Who Sane: A Very Unnecessary PR Disaster
Blog 37: Social suicide by Benihana
Desert Girl: Mark at 248AM gets sued by Benihana
Beirut Drive-By Shooting: Shut up!
Irrelevant Combinations: One beef negimaki, and a lawyer please
Mich Cafe: Brand fiasco unites bloggers
SuddenlyTwo: Benihana Kuwait #FAIL
Oman Collective Intelligence: Benihana Kitchen Nightmares!
The Side Talk: Mark & 248AM being sued over honest review
Siouxsie Law: Kuwaiti Blogger Sued Over Bad Benihana Review
American Girl In Kuwait: “BTW, are you Lebanese?”
qEight: Local blogger in Kuwait sued by Benihana
Buzfairy: A really bad move from Benihana Kuwait, suing 248am
BeirutSpring: Benihana In Kuwait is a Terrible, Terrible Place. Stay Away From It.
Electrony: مطعم يرفع قضية على مدونة إلكترونية ويطالب بخمس آلاف دينار وإغلاق المدونة
iBloogle: Bloggers Unite – for the Right to Freedom of Online Speech
Q8HK: نحن معك يا مارك … دعم لمدونة A-Sides
Kuwaits Blog: Mark kuwaiti blogger sued by Benihana
Blog Baladi: Blogger sued over restaurant review
Chaotic pOsha: Benihana suing Mark!
18 Seven: اي شي يا بينيهانا
n3alba7ar: المدون مارك و قضية المطعم اليابانى
Ashish Panjabi: The Benihana Debacle
Desert Blvd: Benihana, Shame On You!
Khaled Rambles: Restaurant sues blogger in Kuwait
Blogger Mathai: Benihana Kuwait sues local blogger for negative review!
Techania: مطعم في الكويت يجن جنونه بسبب تعبير صريح للرأي من قبل مدوّن
Cyrographics: Kuwait’s 248am Blogger being sued by Benihana over a negative review
Hell is other people: #benihanakuw I bet you feel foolish now dont you!
B&D: Everyone’s Outraged as Benihana sues 248am over Bad Reviews
Marketing in Lebanon: The Art of Creating a PR Crisis
The Market Buzz: How much is your reputation worth?
Life in Dubai: Sued for saying he didn’t like his meal.
Life & Beyond: Sued for Writing a Bad Review!
Mind Soup: Benihana: We sue customers to compensate for our bad food
BABBLEQ8: Freedom of speech and its importance…
Roashina: 248am Lawsuit on Wikipedia
4th Ring Road: Order in the Court?
p0ach: Benihana, you ruined my vacation
Ashraf’s Blog: I Sue You!!!
The Identity Chef: Exporting Your “Brand” has New Challenges in the New Media World – Benihana Learns Firsthand.
Ashish Panjabi: Hints, Tips, Reviews – How will Benihana keep track of them?
Mr Qatar: Kuwaiti blogger sued… for a review…
Expat Life Coach: Why an expat blogger is getting sued in Kuwait
Life in Dubai: Benihana Update
MakChicken: Weather: Sunny with a high chance of getting sued by Benihana…
Ammouret Lebnen: Sued for not liking his dinner!
Nimer: Mark got sued because he did not like the food
The Right Profile: Ignominy
Daily Mail: Kuwait blogger sued for restaurant review
America Blog: Benihana suing blogger for mediocre restaurant review
UAE Community Blog: Benihana Kuwait and Justice
Village Voice: Benihana Sues Over Crap Review
Starving for More: Silly Food Lawsuits
KiwiBlog: Cooking up a storm in Kuwait blogging

News Media
DubaiEye Radio Interview
The National
TNW Social Media
Gulf News
CNN iReport
Emirates 24/7
Arabian Business
Emirates 24/7 (2nd)
Kuwait Times
Reputation Online
Honk Kong Association of New Media
Stuff Magazine
Huffington Post
Global Voices
Fast Company
The Atlantic Wire
The Muslim Observer
LA Weekly
The Stir

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Blog Baladi – A Lebanese Blog

A few weeks back a good friend of mine in Lebanon told me he wanted to start a Lebanese blog. I thought that was something I would be interested to be part of so I decided to work with him on it. First thing we had to do was come up with a name. We went through a few names and for awhile we were going with zouzou ebba (you’d get it only if you’re Lebanese) before finally settling on Blog Baladi.

There are a total of 5 writers on the blog (including me) with that list mostly likely to grow in the near future. The majority of the posts will be related to Lebanon in the same way 2:48AM is related to Kuwait. So if you’re in Lebanon or a Lebanese living outside of Lebanon, make sure you check out and bookmark Blog Baladi. [Link]

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Kuwait Exposed

Have a secret you want to share anonymously? I guess this is the website to do it. The site looks pretty and neat which is why I’m posting about it. Once it gets filled up with secrets it should turn into something more interesting. [Link]

Geek Information Interesting Internet Kuwait Links

Follow Kuwaiti Twitter Users is like except instead of tracking local blogs it tracks local tweeters. A lot of people in Kuwait have recently jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon including politicians so Kuweet is a nice site to be able to keep track of all their tweets without needing to have your own twitter account.

What is twitter? I think the easiest explanation is that its like blogs except every post is limited to just 140 characters.. perfect for people who don’t enjoy or have the time to read a lot of long posts. [Link]

Note: If you have a twitter account and want to be added to Kuwait just follow @Kuweet

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TIME: 50 Best Websites 2008

50 Sites

TIME magazine has put together a collection of the 50 best websites for 2008. I initially thought the list would be filled with mainstream stuff but surprisingly its not. The list is actually interesting with lots of surprises, I mean even is on their list! [Link]

Information Internet Kuwait Links Shopping

Kuwaiti Online Stores

A full list of local online stores. I will keep updating this post in the future whenever I find something new.

All in One
Kuwait Mall

Q8 Book Shop

Cars, Bikes and Boats
GCC Motors
Gulf Ride
Kuwait Cars
Q8 Boom
Q8 Car
Q8 Showroom
Sell 11

Computers & Electronics
Click N’ Buy
Q8 Cost

Dessert Kuwait
Choco Bite
Choowy Goowy
Little Treats
Pop Up

7ata 7eet
Catalog Express
Catalog Plus
H&H Fashion
Fashion Addicts
La Merletto
Oleana Boutique
Pink Moon Boutique
Powder Talk
Q8 Fasion
She Style

Q8 Flowers
Ward Q8

I Eat Online

Food Kuwait

Thanks Half.Dead

Automotive Internet Kuwait Links

Q8 Showroom now online

Q8 Showroom is now launched although I think its still in trial stage since there are a lot of things that aren’t working right or not working at all. Some of the things also feel like they’ve just been ripped off from Q8car like the drop down list for the car models. In Q8car they have a mistake where they listed Range Rover as a brand on its own instead of it being under Land Rover, on Q8showroom they’ve made the exact same mistake. Even the “All Years” drop down list is a duplicate of Q8car’s.

Overall though the site is much better than Q8car’s but they still need to add a lot more cars to their database. What I want is an option to view larger pictures of the cars (like at least 640×480) and a better search function, maybe I’ll get that in the new Q8car redesigned website. Speaking of which, Q8car had a link up a week ago where you could get a preview of the new look but since then the link has disappeared.

Here’s a link to Q8showroom [Link]

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Return of TV Shows

TV Guide

With the writer striker almost over, the big question is “when are shows coming back?”. Luckily TvGuide has a list of what is in store for us.

Some highlights:

Season 7 likely postponed until January ’09.

Desperate Housewives
Expected to shoot 4 to 7 new episodes to air in April/May.

Grey’s Anatomy
Expected to shoot 4 to 7 new episodes to air in April/May.

No new episodes expected until fall.

Six pre-strike episodes remain. Six additional episodes could air this season.

Season 5 concludes Feb. 19. Production on the show’s eight-episode sixth season expected to start up this summer. Airdate TBD.

Prison Break
Two pre-strike episodes remain. Future beyond that TBD.

Saturday Night Live
Could be back on the air as early as Feb. 16.

Overall most shows will not be returning till fall or later, others will release their pre-strike shows and begin production soon. [Link]

Posted by Nibaq

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2oktob 3arabi


A friend sent me a link to Yamli, a website which does a bunch of things my two favorite being:

1) You search the Arabic web but using English letters. Meaning you type the Arabic as it sounds using English characters like 3arabi and it will convert it for you to عربي

2) You can type a document in Arabic but again using English letters and it will do the conversion for you as you type.

You can try it out, its easy. [Link]

Thanks Katia!

Guest Bloggers Links Music

USB Turn Table

If you are like me and have a collection of old vinyl but can’t carry then when you travel, well we have found salvation! This bad boy can rip your old records to your computer for easy transferring, editing and scratching. Also the best part is once your are done you can still use it as a stand alone 3-speed player. [Link]

Interesting Links

Ninja Words

ninja words

I use a lot but I think I just found a replacement, Ninja Words “A really fast dictionary… fast like a ninja.” [Link]

Interesting Internet Links

100 Websites You Should Know and Use

I hadn’t heard the majority of these websites up until awhile ago. [Link]


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List of local newspapers

Here is a site with links to all the local newspapers in Kuwait (Arabic and English) and also some magazines. [Link]

The Daily Star is not listed there probably because their site just recently came online.