Q8 Showroom now online

Post by Mark

Q8 Showroom

Q8showroom.com is now launched although I think its still in trial stage since there are a lot of things that aren’t working right or not working at all. Some of the things also feel like they’ve just been ripped off from Q8car like the drop down list for the car models. In Q8car they have a mistake where they listed Range Rover as a brand on its own instead of it being under Land Rover, on Q8showroom they’ve made the exact same mistake. Even the “All Years” drop down list is a duplicate of Q8car’s.

Overall though the site is much better than Q8car’s but they still need to add a lot more cars to their database. What I want is an option to view larger pictures of the cars (like at least 640×480) and a better search function, maybe I’ll get that in the new Q8car redesigned website. Speaking of which, Q8car had a link up a week ago where you could get a preview of the new look but since then the link has disappeared.

Here’s a link to Q8showroom [Link]

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  1. Corolla Man (AE86) says:

    not yet just tried it

  2. Safi says:

    Yep. Up and running.

  3. Abdullah says:

    Q8showroom guys are the old owners of Q8car

  4. Mark says:

    thats interesting.

  5. holla says:

    it’s just as shitty as Q8car but with nicer pics, what a waste of time.
    They also have never before seen cars like the amazing Dodge chrysler which i assume was made in kuwait?

  6. Thamer says:

    Haha, they even have the same misspellings as Q8car. It’s more organized, though. The car pages themselves actually have information, and I like how it displays more cars than Q8car on a page. It’s promising.

  7. Fa says:

    The owners of Q8showroom.com are DartMedia.com not Q8Car.com

  8. STING says:

    the sites is sucks the pic of the cars is not clear
    q8car o bass

  9. Damon Dash says:

    nice English STING

  10. TRU says:

    Q8showroom.com is a knock off of Q8Car.com. Dartmedia had Q8Car.com as their client, saw how much business they generated from the ads and just copied them. How dumb.

  11. SB says:

    i don’t know if this one is old or new !


  12. TripleM says:

    They have been online for awhile now with a different interface…they did a great job

  13. Rakan says:

    the site has tons of wrong info.. very disappointing.

  14. Bo-Bader says:

    Beside what everyone is saying, I see a major problem with Q8car.com and Q8showroom.com and that is they both have a load of advertisements everywhere. Its like you are visiting the site to see ads not cars!

    They should offer an ad related to the user search. They charge for people to place their car classified ad and they should keep focusing on selling cars not ads. The more cars they sell the more referrals they get from ex-customers. Clean up your site and stop these annoying flashing ads. Focus on your customers and how you can sell their cars without distractions. Make your text larger and more attractive instead of the boring design.

  15. Abu Badr says:

    Honestly, q8car might have a weak interface but the site shows results. I have sold so many cars off that site and so has everyone i have referred. The secret to there success i presume is not in the make up of the site rather the substance and what they offer. By the way someone commented earlier that the pictures in both showroom and q8car have are small. I think you sent the message straight to the owners cause all of q8cars pics today are much bigger. Lovely i like it.

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