TIME: 50 Best Websites 2008

Post by Mark

50 Sites

TIME magazine has put together a collection of the 50 best websites for 2008. I initially thought the list would be filled with mainstream stuff but surprisingly its not. The list is actually interesting with lots of surprises, I mean even UrbanDictionary.com is on their list! [Link]

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  1. bo9agr says:

    some websites are rather strange, i mean “apartment Therapy” ? “Colours Lovers” ??

  2. SJM MUKI says:

    Loved it .

  3. steve_leb says:

    thank you mark very informative.. i’ve been on it for an hour now..

  4. ar53nal14 says:

    For a second there i thought they included your website on the list!

  5. iRise says:

    I loved ALL the websites! I have heard of most of them on the list… but they are all great! Especially http://www.freerice.com

  6. iRise says:

    I meant to say HAVEN’T heard of most of them. I hope I didn’t sound like a crazy internet fiend.

  7. Muscat says:

    Inspiration and perspiration – thanks

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