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A few weeks back a good friend of mine in Lebanon told me he wanted to start a Lebanese blog. I thought that was something I would be interested to be part of so I decided to work with him on it. First thing we had to do was come up with a name. We went through a few names and for awhile we were going with zouzou ebba (you’d get it only if you’re Lebanese) before finally settling on Blog Baladi.

There are a total of 5 writers on the blog (including me) with that list mostly likely to grow in the near future. The majority of the posts will be related to Lebanon in the same way 2:48AM is related to Kuwait. So if you’re in Lebanon or a Lebanese living outside of Lebanon, make sure you check out and bookmark Blog Baladi. [Link]

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  1. Aliman says:

    Im sorry but 5,000LL for a blog is too much! shoo hayda!!

    on the real love it and best of luck will be following it daily!

  2. shushu says:

    ok look like a nice idea but the name in english is fine in arabic sound lil funny :S

    why didn’t he translated it :P

  3. S Lloyd says:

    I am not Lebanese, but find this all blosphere thing so valuable: years ago, I was using amateur radio to unify friends from all around the world. Nowadays, the web links all parts of this planet. This is pure greatness. We all grow from sharing and getting to know each other,so I will encourage both your friends and you and spread good words.
    Thanks for this great blog. I am definitely boomarking it.

  4. Marzouq says:

    Honestly like the content of the blog but the style is too bland! It needs some color!

    love the banner though! Seriously creative! But the rest of it needs more color! Also add some flickr account, so you can have cool pics of Lebanon in it!

  5. Teddy B. says:

    It’s awesome I always get excited when the posts talk about places I’ve been to in lebanon (makes me feel cultured). I actually checked it out before you posted it as I saw it on your blogroll. I have so many friends from lebanon and they would love this.

    Unlike Marzouq I actually like it’s plainess. I feel like it’s easy on the eyes, maybe because we kuwaiti bloggers love colours so much!

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