Kuwait Exposed

Post by Mark

Have a secret you want to share anonymously? I guess this is the website to do it. The site looks pretty and neat which is why I’m posting about it. Once it gets filled up with secrets it should turn into something more interesting. [Link]

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  1. sayrus says:

    I’m seeing this getting political, and the owner dragged and tortured.

  2. Talal.Al.S says:

    Ma ystee7y ily imsawi il site w ily advertising it…. sarsariya

  3. Mhm says:

    I hope it doesn’t become popular !!!!!!

  4. 5alood says:

    I hope they dont post names,,,, that would tear kuwait apart !! not to mention destroy some marriages out there :X

  5. ahmad says:

    not good. not good.

  6. t-725 says:

    Oh come on you know it’s all fake, Right?

  7. OMG says:

    @t-725 It’s fake! So all my comments were for nothing, Right? :p

  8. jaja says:

    One word: bullshit. I’d like to know what’s the ratio of real stuff to fantasies.

  9. tartar says:

    I read all the posts and I think all of them were written by the same person. Same writing approach and technique. All are parallel.
    i agree with t-725 it is fake.

  10. khaled al fahad says:

    esta’3farallah, fashalana ily imsawii il site, shel ma95ara w hatha 3amel fa’6e7 w ta5reeb lelsem3a il kuwaitiya

  11. Yours Truly says:

    Sayrus Looool thought exactly the same thing!

  12. Humor says:

    This is a very good place for people to share their feelings without the judgment of society. But I can see it turning into rumor soon and fast. The concept is good if it remains as a website where people can vent and ask for anonymous advice, and that standard is up for the users to maintain.

  13. Humor says:

    I can see it turn into rumor mill soon and fast* Typo right there.

  14. Mark says:

    The stuff there is fake because I’m guessing the site just launched and if it just launched how would people have submitted stuff. I think they’re more like samples.

    In any case some of you are looking at his in a strange way. I highly doubt any names will be posted, that would get the guy in trouble. I think its just an anonymous confession zone, like today i cheated on my girl friend with my school teacher or some shit like that.

  15. 5alood says:

    @ mhm : Exactly !!! If it gets popular then i think it becomes the “gossip girl” of kuwait ??

  16. Humor says:

    ” today i cheated on my girl friend with my school teacher or some shit like that.”

    I laughed at that. I have no idea why.

  17. Mr.Mo says:

    Mark I disagree with you. The site might have just launched, but the owner might have been collecting stories from family, friends or strangers and published them.

    When you first launch a website (especially something controversial) you need to have material there to encourage others to submit their stories.

    If the site launched and there weren’t any stories, I definitely wouldn’t be the first to submit!

  18. Anonymous says:

    hey thats funny. its kinda, almost exactly like PostSecretKuwait!

  19. jaja says:

    Mr.Mo: The fact that there is no proof that any of these so-claimed real life stories is true is one good enough reason to make it a joke. All of these stories could be true or fantasies from bored people to bored readers (which I’m sure it reflects the majority of its audience). I’m not demanding for them to prove their stories since this site is based on anonymous claims, making proofs more of a way to reveal who they are. Not sure what the owners were thinking but this would work for fantasies nothing more nothing less.

  20. superfailz says:

    why do you guys always have to get defensive when someone comes and sheds light on the dark corners of our society? believe it or not, we have more drama than any other part of the world.

    and oh yeah, marriages, lol, hope you guys are ready for surprises.

  21. ! says:

    One of the confessions is something similar to a movie called mean girls lol, it seems like most of the people confessing in that website are teenagers who used to go to private schools or used to go there.

  22. it will be a big success trust me

  23. Seems like an amazing idea , i agree with Eden that it’ll turn out to be a HUUGE success , i just read one story and it was juicy like an orange in the spring! lOl

  24. Stafa says:

    Love the idea!

  25. Mark says:

    they’ve updated the site with what look to be true confessions. Some sad some weird, its turning out to be interesting.

  26. Yours Truly says:

    Mark I see this site getting blocked when more “Adult” confessions are posted. Whether the owner gets in trouble or not. Whether the stories are true or not. And from reading the “Sample” confessions, it seems to be going in that direction … This has nothing to do with the site or the owner. Just the fact that some people will get very “creative” with their confessions …

  27. Springbok says:

    @ Yours Truly.I’m sure there’s a site moderator.It will get interesting when whistle blowers (who have hardcore evidence)name individuals who are corrupt or involved in scandalous affairs.It would be like Kuwait’s version of WikiLeaks.

  28. Stafa says:

    If they were to block this, I think they should take a look at http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com first

  29. Yours Truly says:

    stafa lol the site is blocked!

  30. charmander says:

    http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com isn’t blocked for me :O

  31. ~LE~ says:

    O M G

    like seriously… O M G

    dayyyymmmm I am shocked.. its either am like too hidden from these issues or thankfully i’ve never mingled with twisted ppl like that!

    can’t believe this shit happens in Kuwait! @_@

  32. *lulu* says:

    wow, what a rip off of PSK. and none of the stories even sound real. do they not know that negative comments towards the one “revealing the secret” doesnt help? …anywho, not like i care. they are still ripping off PSK.

  33. Stafa says:

    The site isn’t blocked on Qualitynet

  34. Aziz says:

    Well, if you put it that way, PSK is a rip-off too!

  35. *lulu* says:

    @Aziz: what is PSK a ripoff of? the original postsecret? did you not know that PSK has permission to be a chapter of the original? AND if u didnt know, there are many other countries that also are chapters. So, again, how is PSK a rip off? Please explain.

  36. Mark says:

    he meant PSK is just a copy of post secret, with permission or not its not an original idea the same way kuwait exposed isn’t an original idea. personally i am not a fan of post secret, this is a lot more interesting.

  37. *lulu* says:

    Obviously its a copy of postsecret. Hence the meaning of “chapter” or “affiliate”, no where does it say it’s an original or the first of its kind. Just like restaurants are “franchises”, but they are exact copies of the original are they not?

  38. Mark says:

    sorry to disappoint you but postsecret wasn’t the first confessions website and isn’t the only one either…

  39. lensman says:

    @ stafa : That site is funny!!!

  40. Obsessco says:

    this site scares me…
    Some of the stuff are just way too freaky and i just can believe they happened in kuwait. Thank god none of this happened to me or near me..

  41. SSD says:

    @ Obsessco

    Yes, because you’re “oh so perfect”.

  42. Obsessco says:

    @ SSD
    i aint perfect i lie and manipulate
    but what i dnt do is rape ppl and get drunk

  43. Mem says:

    it’s actually a good read when u’re bored :D haha !

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