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Post by Mark is like except instead of tracking local blogs it tracks local tweeters. A lot of people in Kuwait have recently jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon including politicians so Kuweet is a nice site to be able to keep track of all their tweets without needing to have your own twitter account.

What is twitter? I think the easiest explanation is that its like blogs except every post is limited to just 140 characters.. perfect for people who don’t enjoy or have the time to read a lot of long posts. [Link]

Note: If you have a twitter account and want to be added to Kuwait just follow @Kuweet

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  1. KA fan says:

    NOOOO! Mark please don’t close your blog!!! It is A LOT BETTER THAN TWEETER!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Who said anything about closing his blog? LOL! It’s a completely different thing.

  3. Nasser says:

    I dislike Twitter and/or any variation of it.

  4. juvebizkit says:

    I’m following both of u
    HAHA ^_^

  5. teach says:

    It will be called ‘Flu’tweet soon all over the world……………..

  6. Don Veto says:

    Cool, I am there, bottom tweet :-)

  7. Nobu says:

    Twitter is boring.

    Today, I had a turkey sandwich and I burped. My burp smelled like mustard.

    The paint on my wall is not dry yet.


  8. Komsomol says:

    //Like I said before.

    Twitter is for posting simple short updates about shit you do during the day, another in the long line of pretentious apps that lionize peoples everyday mundane activities to a level of some interest mostly for the benefit of other people whose lives are even more boring then your own.

    Too much?

  9. Don Veto says:

    @Komsomol Isnt that what blogs are also? except you can post longer shit ?

  10. Q80saracen says:


  11. cruxine says:

    twitter and anonymity don’t really go together, do they?

  12. teach says:

    Twitter= Shittier

  13. Zuno says:

    I agree its overated, waayed emsaween 3alaih ‘6aja! Even businesses and large firms are using it!!

  14. BlackBarook says:

    While it’s true that reading the mundane activities of others shows how boring your, and their, life is; tweeter was not created with normal people in mind, more like artists, scientist and the like where up to date info is better and much easier served then blogs. That’s just my opinion.

  15. funny story says:

    losers read twitter. Created for people with no life.

  16. Bashar says:

    reminds me of for those who wanna twee in arabic

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