Kuwaiti Online Stores

Post by Mark

A full list of local online stores. I will keep updating this post in the future whenever I find something new.

All in One
Kuwait Mall

Q8 Book Shop

Cars, Bikes and Boats
GCC Motors
Gulf Ride
Kuwait Cars
Q8 Boom
Q8 Car
Q8 Showroom
Sell 11

Computers & Electronics
Click N’ Buy
Q8 Cost

Dessert Kuwait
Choco Bite
Choowy Goowy
Little Treats
Pop Up

7ata 7eet
Catalog Express
Catalog Plus
H&H Fashion
Fashion Addicts
La Merletto
Oleana Boutique
Pink Moon Boutique
Powder Talk
Q8 Fasion
She Style

Q8 Flowers
Ward Q8

I Eat Online

Food Kuwait

Thanks Half.Dead

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  1. Gollum says:


  2. Mek says:

    Been looking for a list like that just the other day. Thanks dude.

  3. Mark says:

    thanks gollum

  4. Mark says:

    Cajie you can’t order anything from the sultan center website.

  5. cajie says:

    Oh well, I thought their JustAsk was an online service. Rechecked to see it is not so. You can only send them an email at best.

  6. Mek says:

    I just noticed that the proportion of sites on the list correlates with the main interests of Kuwaiti society: Cars, food and Fashion dominate. :/

    I’m Kuwaiti not an expat btw.

  7. IZzY says:


  8. Ahmad says:

    Man, some of these are in a sorry state inventory-wise. Q8Bookshop has only 14 books on display. I think I can find more books in the jam3iya bookstore.

  9. steve_leb says:

    http://www.kuwait.com is for sale.. lol…

  10. Gollum says:

    just found this on alwaseet http://www.seyayer.com/

  11. Mark says:

    wow q8boom is a really good one thanks

  12. Pink Moon says:

    *********REMOVED BY ADMIN*********

  13. Mark says:

    Pink Moon could you tell us which sites are selling fake stuff so that people are aware of them and don’t get cheated.


  14. Pink Moon says:

    Oleanaboutique.com and Pretasouk.com (Both Licensed)

  15. Gollum says:

    I dont believe that there is any licensed online store in Kuwait .. our law doesn’t have any rules and regulations to organize selling online ..

  16. Pink Moon says:

    *********REMOVED BY ADMIN*********

  17. Musaed says:


    If you want to know if the website is licensed or not, go to the Kuwait Chamber of commerce and industry website and write down the name of the company and see if it exists or not. (for example try to write Dekkany )


  18. Mark says:

    i saw baboonastore in muthana but when i checked the website like a month back it wasn’t up yet.

  19. Rayboy says:

    No COmments ….!

  20. strange cause its working for the past few years :)

  21. Nafnofy says:

    I am really glad to see such subject is being blogged about. I’d like to also thank Pink Moon for being very comprehensive in pointing the differences between the many available stores.

    Now fakes have always been around for quick profits. It’s really sad that many people cannot distinguish them and fall victims. It’s a subject that’s been hammered enough and the phenomena usually fades with public awareness and the attention of authorities.

    At Nafnofy.com, we don’t carry big names and we don’t even advertise most of the brands we sell as it wouldn’t make a difference since they’re not known to our market. We bring to customers something different, unexplored and reasonably priced; all three backed by our close customer service. We probably don’t have a showroom nor a payment gateway but we’re fully licensed and proud to see our name on this blog within 7 months of operation.

  22. Rakan says:

    If what pink moon is saying is true then someone has to do something about it. I had no idea that you could set up an online store (fashion or otherwise) without going through proper process and obtaining a license. 7imayat al Mustahlik should look into this.

  23. EniGma says:

    Pink Moon, thanx

  24. Nafnofy says:

    The government is actually working on something really nice as rules and regulations for e-commerce. I have actually seen a draft and it looks pretty decent. It will not be long until you see this segment of the market regulated. But again, it’s hard to control the internet…look at that 20 torrents sites that got blocked…out of how many?

  25. Steve-O says:


    I know this isn’t a comment for the above post – but I know how you love getting the juicy gossip first!

    Jazeera Airways has a great promo – the higher the tempertaure, the higher the discount (www.jazeeraairways.com

    Worth checking out

    Keep up the good work!

  26. Pink Moon says:

    *********REMOVED BY ADMIN*********

  27. PowderTalk says:

    Mark just to be clear about one thing…

    i do not sell cc sky nor do i sell David and goliath… so pinkmoon plz before lashing out on people who sell your stuff do your homework… I sell KJL which is on your website and i can prove its done via KJL themselves! FYI i do have permission do sell from david and goliath and i would be happy to share with you the email!

    infact, i can send you my licensed emails from all the designers i do sell from. All of which give me permission to sell for them in kuwait. I never ever sell something wihthout permission…

    As for having a license… well what am i supposed to do if there are no e-commerce regulations? Just because i do not have a physical store doesnt not mean im a scammer!!!! Jeez!!!!

  28. PowderTalk says:

    mark plz when pinkmoon says a site is FAKE it means they are steal people identities or sell fake merchandise or something equally horrid!!!! i do not believe thats fair to other websites!!!! and also, i chose to have cash on delivery and i can get my site to sell via visa but i do not want the headache of it!!!!

  29. Mark says:

    Pink Moon I don’t think you should go around accusing other stores of being cheaters, liars and selling counterfeit goods without any proof just so that your store looks good. I just got an email from one of the stores here which you’ve accused of selling counterfeit goods and the owner proved to me his stuff is original and has the approval from the manufacturer so your information was not correct in that case and might not be in the other cases you’ve mentioned.

    So its better if you stop spreading rumors and talking about other stores without providing the readers here with solid evidence. It just makes Pink Moon look like they’re jealous or afraid of competition.

    I am going to go back through your posts where you’ve accused all the other stores and remove them since you are defaming their brand and potentially hurting their sales or reputation.

  30. Pink Moon says:


    Liars and Cheaters? LOL…

    You asked me to post which sites I read were posting counterfeit goods or goods that were obtained in an unauthorized manner. I backed up each of the statements based on what I read and based on what I saw from the websites themselves and based on what people who used those sites said. If you would like to believe that stores selling Juicy, Dolce, Hermes, etc are real, go right ahead.

    If you understood the retail business, you would not think for a minute that a lot of the items were real. And for stores that are selling real items, what I said was that those stores do not distribute, which means the store probably got the items through an unauthorized manner. If I walk in to abercrombie in the US, spend $5000, and then come back to kuwait and put them on a website and sell them for more, that doesnt mean the items are fake, it means the means of distribution is unauthorized.

    Another reason i posted, other than that you asked me to, was so that if the stores disagreed, we would get to hear their opinion and their statements. Nafnoofy posted a thank you to me and also wrote that they are 100% licensed. Great, now we know another store that is licensed. I would love to be proven wrong, because it would mean we would have more legitate businesses. If any of the stores disagree, let them post for themselves. Isnt this supposed to be an open discussion? Dont go throwing accusations because you think someone emailed you “proof”. If you have “proof” that anything I said was incorrect, email it to me and I would happily post back on the blog that I was wrong. However, I am sure I didnt write anything that I don’t believe to be true, so would love to see this proof.

    Spreading rumors, talking about other stores, jealous? We arent in high school Mark. If you knew anything about us you would know we are huge supporters of encouraging small businesses and have taken many meetings and advised many girls starting new websites, even doing as much as guiding them through every step. We are even starting a group with other small companies in Kuwait that focuses on sharing your business experiences with other young people trying to crack into the same business field so they have the guidance we never got.

  31. Pink Moon says:


    I noticed you also removed my post where I quoted direct proof that a site had copied and pasted from my customer care page as they forgot to remove the PINK MOON.

    You ask for proof then you delete it?

    Here’s the link again, check out the Cookies section.


  32. Mark says:

    Pink Moon you first mentioned that certain stores were selling fake goods so I asked you to tell us because I assumed you had accurate information regarding your statement. But I received two emails today from two of the stores you accused of selling fake goods and they shared with me information that proved what you said about them was wrong.

    Thats why I had to remove your posts, its because what I thought were accurate accusations started to turn out to be false which made some of your replies hurtful to the stores who are being falsely accused.

  33. Pink Moon says:

    Let me know which statments you think are false, and would happily back it up.

  34. Mark says:

    Pink Moon you said “Panacheous is also fake.”
    Accusing them of being “Fake” is different from accusing them of copying the fine print from your website. One means the site is just there to steal money from you, the other means they are just too lazy to write their own fine print.

    Remember, you’ve also been accused of copying the Juicy Couture about us page.


  35. Pink Moon says:

    Mark, my site launched before the Juicy site.

    Also, your definition of fake is not mine. “Fake” does not mean that someone is stealing money from you. “Fake” is the opposite of “real”, so if something is fake, them there is something not legitimate.

  36. Gollum says:

    Who is copying who now ?!?!?!
    Juicy COUTURE !! is copying Pinkmoon !!!

  37. Mark says:

    There is only one definition of fake and what you said is the same a mine.

    When you are saying a store isn’t real then you are accusing that store of not really having anything for sale just there to steal money from unaware visitors. Thats a really strong accusation calling a store fake just because they copied the fine print from your site and thats why i deleted that post.

    According to the Web Archive, Juicy Coutures site was launched before Pink Moon by a few years.


    (copy paste the whole line and put it into your browser)

  38. Pink Moon says:


    Not that I would expect you to know this (as its a womans store:), but Juicy couture has re-launched its site several times. This version was not up when my site launched in 2005.

    Also, I wrote the text myself. And I’m not sure what books everyone read growing up, but most of mine started with “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”. And pink moon is owned by 2 girls!

  39. Mark says:

    Pink Moon, it wasn’t me who accused you of copying, it was someone else. And as you saw how that accusation was unfair I am trying to show you how your accusations might seem unfair to the other shop owners.

  40. Pink Moon says:

    I think what everyone wants to know is what sites are safe and what are not. Bottom line is, in MY opinion, for a site to be safe it should have:

    1) A Commercial license
    2) A security certificate (so personal info you enter on the site is safe)
    3) Items received directly from an authorized distributer

    If any of the 3 is missing, the consumer has no rights against the store if they are dissatisfied in any way.

    Someone mentioned that there are no licenses for online stores. That is true, you have to get a store license and the store rules apply to your website.

  41. Pink Moon says:

    PowderTalk, I thought I wrote Panacheaous before that comment about CC skye and David & Goiliath?!?! Just checked and that was a complete mistake on my part. The post is deleted or I would have had it changed. Just saw your comment. Thank you for the correction, sorry about that.

    For the record, no issues with PowderTalk. Everything looks legit and I like their items. For anyone who read my post, I was referring to Panacheous.com for that comment.

  42. PowderTalk says:

    Pinkmoon, it takes a brave gal to admit her mistake in public. I apologise if i seemed harsh before but the comment with my website’s it really pissed me off … in CC skye i was told you had exclusive rights and i respected that…

    Best of luck… waiting to see your pinkmoon clothes line… :)

  43. Pink Moon says:

    Hehehe…thanks PowderTalk. No worries I woulda been pissed off too!

  44. susheeh says:

    ooh add a music/movies section for all the dvd sites etc :)

  45. h Naser says:

    guyz U’d better visit this location:
    it worth the try.
    but they Don’t sell in retail. wholesale only.
    but its very nice…

  46. h Naser says:

    I forgot to tell it is still cash on delivery.
    I hope they will accept online payment soon

  47. Dear Mark,

    I would like to thank you for this great blog.. Also I would like to thank you for your attitude towards the “fakeness” of websites issue…I have the following comments….
    It really saddens me to see Kuwaiti entrepreneurs dissing each other this way….Kuwait will not advance financially if people wont understand the concept of competition…we are not in a monopoly….no one company has to win and others fail…all can be winners at the same time..
    I am the co owner of panacheous.com…I own it with my cousin and absolutely love what we are doing…prior to setting up panacheous.com, I was a normal customer at pink moon who ordered frequently (and still do)…
    When my cousin and my self were setting up the website, we needed the terms and conditions part…we asked a friend who is lawyer to help us out. she told us that it’s a headache that can be avoided and advised us to look around online stores and use what is there…that’s what we did…we looked through international and national online stores…we came to the decision that pink moon’s layout and outline was the best, it suited us as we are in the same business and country!!! And so we did use it…it was a good job on her behalf and we applaud her for it… If I were the owner of pink moon I would be very proud that some one has copied my work, it only means that it is good. Especially that it does not harm me or my business in any way… so I don’t really understand what’s the problem here…
    As for the license issue, we did nothing against the law, as there isn’t any law regulating this matter…in fact, with me knowing this, I still insisted in getting a license just incase in the future the rules change…we are in the process of preparing the paper work since 9 months ago…but you know how Kuwait is. We have our lawyer who is following the matter.
    I would urge anyone to present decent facts before judging people and dissing them publically….evidence must be present… I don’t see how we are fake…we sell ccskye items cheaper than pink moon (I found out by accident after setting our prices which are the retail recommended prices by the manufacturer) and yet I didn’t go around the universe talking about it…that is her business and her prices, no one is forced to buy anything from anyone. Each customer should do their own homework and compare prices and then take a decision to purchase or not….I never used this against her…she has her own customer base and I have mine…I deal with great companies abroad…it was a pleasre doing business with them…from Sara Berman, Kirsty Doyle, Kico Kids, KJL, CC skye etc…
    Just for evidence…dear pink moon: the man I deal with at CCskye is called David, you might deal with him too?!
    To all the readers, below is an email from CCskye showing that I am a retailer…

    Mary Kate Olsen Hearts CC SKYE‏
    From: CC SKYE (info@ccskye.com)
    Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 6:30:38 PM
    Reply-to: info@ccskye.com

    This email was sent to , by info@ccskye.com
    Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy.

    CC SKYE | 1438 9th St #1 | Santa Monica | CA | 90401

    Dear Mark, if you give me your email, and I can send you the evidence in attachment, it seems that it isn’t clear here.
    Best regards,

  48. Pink Moon says:

    We are great supporters of entrepreneurs and new ideas. We have helped many people startup their own websites, find web designers, programmers, etc. We get requests from girls trying to start a shopping site all the time and are always happy to meet them and share our experiences. Our bank even asked us if they can use our business plan as an outline to show other entrepreneurs wanting to setup a paymnet gateway and we were happy to oblige.

    However, copying text word for word from a site is plagarism and copyright infringment. Whatever lawyer told you it was ok to do that was unfortunatly wrong. Its fine to take ideas, rephrase them, move them around, etc, but not just outright copy and paste. You have our credit card and debit card policies word for word and you dont even accept credit or debit cards. Please remove Pink Moon’s name from that page as it is still there, and Pink Moon are not affiliated with Panacheous.

    In terms of pricing, you cannot compare our prices as the CC skye items like the buckle bracelets you are selling are from 3 seasons ago. We had them on 50% sale last summer, you have them at full price now. Also, our original prices were also cheaper when we did sell the items over a year ago. (Thin buckle bracelet was 50kd, you are charging 58, thick bracelet was 58, you are charging 60). Pink Moon has a best price gurarantee that if you find any of our items cheaper anywhere in Kuwait we will match it and sometimes give a 5% discount on the lower price. This of course applies to licenced stores/retailers only, as otherwise anyone can start a website and set everything at 1 KD.

  49. Dear Mark,

    I just wanted to state the facts to settle this matter, but it doesn’t seem possible.
    To Pink moon:
    The word pink moon will be removed asap, and we are not affiliates with pink moon..
    Everything that you have mentioned regarding CC skye pricing is very untrue…it’s the other way round and I am very confident and sure of what I am saying…your prices were more than us…we are using CC skye recommended retail price as is, we don’t need to put them on sale just because you did. They are in great demand..
    Our customers are very satisfied with our service and products and we are content and don’t need to go around raising issues…
    Panacheous.com regards this topic to be over and will not engage it’s self in this useless discussion…our facts have been presented in respectable manner and that satisfies us…
    if you have any comments regarding my website don’t hesitate to email us at panacheous.com.
    Best regards,

  50. Pink Moon says:

    Panach, you are welcome to come to our store anytime and our manager would be happy to show you our sales receipts from a year ago with what we sold them for, which is the lower price.

    Also, retail stores dont just go on sale because an item is not selling. They go on sale when a new collection arrives. Otherwise you would have all the old collections mixed with the new collections, all at full price, which is misleading to the customer.

  51. makkkkk says:

    pinkmoon is overrated, and judging by the way theyre attacking other sellers, they seem very unprofessional.
    big ups Mark for this nice post. if only there wasn’t so much haterade!

  52. Pink Moon says:

    Pink Moon absolutely do not attack anyone and are entirely professional in all forms of their business. If you read the posts above, we support entrepreneurship 100%. Why would anyone take offence to us saying that we believe there are legal and legit ways to do something?

    If people want to believe that stores selling Hermes birkin bags for 100KD are legit (they actually cost upwards of 4000 KD), that is their choice. But the truth is, if a store is not licensed there is really no way to know what is or what is not real. Because if you order something and it falls apart, you have no one to file a complaint to. If you pay for something and it doesnt get delivered, you again have nothing you can do. Its happened to a lot of people and so many are getting the impression that all Kuwaiti online stores are like that, which is absolutely not the case. There are many great sites in Kuwait that are completely trustworthy and secure.

  53. aroora says:


    nice cute funky shopping website

  54. oh my goodness says:

    can i be one to say that Kuwait Mall has the WORST service i have eveeeeerrrrr experienced?!
    i ordered a few shirts in the summer (June) and i waited for over 2 months and i never got anything! after i messaged them, they told me they wanted to give me a refund without any reason! in the end i substituted my order for another couple of shirts, and within a week it was brought to me.
    i wasn’t pleased with their service but decided to give them another shot. over 2 weeks ago i ordered a sweater, and it still hasn’t got here! i called and messaged them about the status of my order and they said it would be delivered on thursday (dec 25th) or saturday (dec 27th).. come saturday, i still hadn’t recieved my order! when i messaged them they said it’ll be delivered on monday because they took 2 days off for christmas (which is understandable, but then their 2 days would’ve ended on saturday!).. today is monday and i still haven’t recieved my sweater, and now when i try messaging/calling, no one picks up!!! needless to say i am NEVER ordering from them again.

    i advise everyone to get their orders through aramex or any other kuwaiti online shop besides Kuwait Mall! absolutely horrible service and no value for their customers!!!!

  55. L.H says:

    Kuwait mall has scammed me.
    First the numbers on the sight are not legit, and second of all they came to pick up money the week i placed my order and then three weeks later they are not replying to emails, sms’s.
    Please becareful when ordering online.

  56. alia says:

    hi there
    one day i found this website which sells polo ralph lauren, juicy couture and other designers. i can’t remember the name of the website but i remember that it was in nezha kuwait
    does anyone know the site???

  57. L.H says:

    they didnt “Scam” me but there service is terrible. it arrived 3 weeks later then the promised date, since it was supposibly a “mix up”.
    They don’t respond to emails, or sms/phone calls.
    The site has a great collection but its not worth it if there service stays this way.

  58. sara says:

    hii 70. alia

    i guess u meant http://www.nizaka.com

  59. sara says:

    maybe i’m not sure :P

  60. Q8 Chrono says:

    Please add http://q8chrono.com, watches. Thanks

  61. L says:

    Kuwait mall’s service is by far the WORST, i paid over 100kd for an order and they did a great job of coming the next day to pick the money up. they emailed me saying it arrived but itll take a few days and its been almost 2 weeks so overall ive been waiting over a month for an order and they are not answering phone calls, or emails.
    by far one of the worst online stores.
    if anyone knws how to get a hold of them, please let me know.


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