Kuwait has 4th Fastest Mobile Internet in the World, the popular website that provides Internet performance metrics also has a global index for internet speeds and Kuwait is currently ranked as having the 4th fastest mobile internet in the world. They have Kuwait listed with an average speed of 135.63Mbps while UAE tops the list with 178.55Mbps. Here are the current top 10:

1 UAE – 178.25Mbps
2 Qatar – 174.56Mbps
3 Norway – 143.55Mbps
4 Kuwait – 135.63Mbps
5 Denmark – 129.95Mbps
6 South Korea – 120.38Mbps
7 Netherlands – 114.19Mbps
8 China – 109.09Mbps
9 Bulgaria – 103.72Mbps
10 Bahrain – 102.45Mbps

I’ve ALWAYS had internet issues in Kuwait until 5G came along. My apartment building could never get DSL speeds higher than 2Mbps, LTE internet averaged around 4Mbps and my only better options were expensive internet services like B-Wireless (WiMD) and Zain Beam. With 5G for the first time in my life, I finally have above-average internet speeds.

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sure, at 10 am or at 3 am when almost nobody else in online, sharing bandwidth with you….otherwise its always pretty laggy, and quite slow

135.63Mbps is for the local Speedtest servers (often owned by your own telco, so its basically an internal network speed). When you try to test to Speedtest server in USA or Europe the results are often less than 100Mbps (still good, but its misleading since rarely anything is hosted in Kuwait).

Lol UAE’s crazy speed comes with crazy prices. They still have crazy prices for just 1GB of internet data

Kuwait no.1 for me when it comes to speed + price for me

As a gamer, nothing beats fiber optic network connectivity for best ping but not the best when it comes to speed

Anything else, go for 5G all the way

This biggest problem is our infrastructure is beyond shit we will never have a Gigabit fiber internet in all areas anytime soon, so 5G is our only salvation for blazing fast speeds with excellent low prices.
And paying for both 5G for browsing and fiber for gaming is so wasteful considering out fiber prices is crazy expensive I prefer to get hit with a bit of 5G lag instead.

Would be nice if Kuwait would update every area with Fiber Optics been waiting 10+ years and it seems like it will never happen.

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