UFC Gym Opening this Month in Assima Mall

There are only two sports I watch, Formula 1 and UFC. Years ago I wanted to take mixed martial arts classes so I could have a better understanding of the sport but was very limited in options. Since then things have gotten better with more MMA gyms popping up but they’ve mostly focused on either jujitsu or kickboxing. UFC Gym will hopefully be encompassing all forms of MMA under one roof.

Located on the 5th and 6th floor of Assima Mall, the new UFC Gym is around 5,000sqm2 in size. Since there is a hotel connected to the mall the gym is going to be mixed but they do have a separate ladies-only floor for those who prefer not to train in a mixed environment. There is also a separate children’s area on the opposite end of the gym where children can train in mixed martial arts without disturbing or interacting with the adults.

The UFC Gym is targeting to have classes in multiple combat sports including:
– Boxing
– Kickboxing
– Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
– Judo
– Wrestling

UFC Gyms are meant to introduce combat sports to regular people as a means of exercise, so they’re meant to be similar to regular gyms but also provide MMA classes as an added value. The MMA section includes an official-sized octagon ring, a section with boxing bags and a large open mat area for jiujitsu and combat training. The fitness sections of the gym include a cardio machines area that overlooks the city skyline, resistance machines section filled with the latest equipment from Technogym, a free weights section, an area for HIIT classes, and a room for spinning and other activities like yoga and zumba.

The gym is targeting to soft open by the mid of this month with an official opening by the end of summer. They currently have special pre-opening rates which are 900KD a year for men, and 700KD a year for women. This includes full access to the gym and the classes.

For more information, you can contact them on 65107779 or visit @ufcgymkuwait

8 replies on “UFC Gym Opening this Month in Assima Mall”

this is next to my office, I would have subscribed for it if it was 500 year I only need the gym and the shower

Is the parking issue solved in Assima mall? I have not yet ventured to this place because of the horror stories on parking.

Actually people who train in MMA tend to be much more disciplined. The guys that fight on the streets need facilities like this gym to get them off the streets.

Mark is actually right, most trained fighters have a greater discipline as they understand that their fighting ability is like having a weapon when fighting an untrained civilian.

But for sure there can be folks that will use it to bully and harm others and that will always remain the case so it is highly recommended to learn self defence.

Ufc gym opening in Kwt- not a moment too soon. Inshallah, the Shabaab will find an avenue to channel all that raw untamed energy & testosterone to a better purpose in life instead of spending it all over a weekend knife fight for a piece of skirt at the mall

I know a Manager if any of you finally get off your butt, train hard & want to take the professional route

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