Burger Review: The Meat Co.

Post by Mark

The Best Burger in Kuwait Challenge
I love burgers and I’m glad my new nutrition plan includes burgers once a week because I don’t think I could have stuck to a plan that didn’t allow room for burgers. This past weekend I headed to 360 Mall for the Gulf Run 5 car show but first I decided to have lunch at The Meat Co. I had been wanting to try their burgers ever since my first visit but I never got the chance until now. I have to say, this was the hardest burger to review and I’ll explain why below.

I got to The Meat Co. early and decided to sit on the balcony overlooking Life with Cacao and Lorenzo. The friendly waiter gave me the menu and I flipped right away to their burger section. They had 6 burgers to choose from, the Classic Burger, the Cheese Burger, the Gourmet Burger (who the hell puts pineapple on a burger, totally gross), Rib Meat Burger, Lamb Burger and Chicken Burger. I went with the Cheese Burger although next time I will most probably go with their Rib Meat Burger and then maybe their Lamb Burger after that. I ordered my burger medium which is cool because when I first started this burger challenge I used to have my burgers well done but then as I started reading more about burgers and really getting into it I started having it medium well. To move to medium is a step in the right direction although I don’t think I would have a medium burger just anywhere.

The burger arrived and it looked beautiful. The shape, the size, the way everything was very tidy it just looked like the perfect burger. I took my first bite and in under a minute or two max I had finished the burger. It was the healthiest burger I’ve ever had and I’m talking about the actual beef patty here. It just tasted like it was made with really great quality meat. It wasn’t heavy, it didn’t have a bad after taste, it wasn’t fatty and it was very light on the stomach. It had the makings of a perfect burger which is why it was very difficult to review. There was very little flavor. It was lacking oomph which is why maybe next time I would get rid of the vegetables and put some mustard to see if that helps.

If I want to be extra nitpicky I would talk about how I am not a big fan of powdery buns but I in this case it didn’t bother me that much. My burger was very juicy and the bun didn’t have any trouble holding up, it didn’t get soggy which is always great. Speaking of juiciness, my burger arrived medium well instead of medium but that was fine. The final score is going to be a 4 out of 5. I would highly recommend it, it’s a near perfect classic burger. At KD5.500 its actually a steal.

The Meat Co. is located in 360 Mall
The cost of the Cheese Burger was KD5.500

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  1. max says:

    looks delicious

  2. Mrs F says:

    I tried the burger last week and the only problem I had with it was that it lacked sauce, it was very dry. oh and they have a tendency to over cook your steak, many of my friends kept complaining that the medium/well steaks they had ordered arrived well done.

  3. Frankom says:

    Yummy! but i was expected the Aston Martin post today.

  4. Mark says:

    I have to agree with you on the fact it lacked sauce. Thats why I was thinking maybe mustard but it does need something to help bring out the flavor. My burger was very juicy so I didn’t have the dryness issue but I can imagine if the patty was dry the whole burger could come out very dry specially with the powdery bun.

  5. Mark says:

    Frankom, I’m writing it now :)

  6. Bu Yousef says:

    Sorry it’s off the main subject… Were the photos taken with the G11?

  7. Frankom says:

    WOHOO Cool!!! yalla am waiting :)

  8. 3azeez says:

    5 dinars and 8 dinars burger? are we in kuwait?
    i’ll ask that greek girl to make me the best burger, it wont cost me more than four pounds and i get to stare at a beautiful pare of green eyes while i’m eating.

  9. Abdullah says:

    tasty and costy!

  10. Mathai says:

    Looks great! and I’m sure a powdery bun like that is needed to soak in all the juices.

  11. Xpec8tor says:

    5.500Kd>>>practically a steal!!???? Wow,I’m still shocked about that statement, and all the other restaurants passing burgers, for exorbitant prices, as if they were gourmet foods!!!>>> thanks but no thanks!! they should all be fined for blatant robbery.

  12. Mark says:

    Xpec8tor: Who created the rule that burgers have to cost 650fils and be sold only at McDonalds?

  13. AR says:

    Another addition to the great burger “rip-offs” in Kuwait ! Even a genuine “Wagyu burger patty” at Sultan Center costs under Kd 2, so how the bun , lettuce, mayo & ambience can take the burger price above KD 5 is simply baffling.

  14. Mark says:

    lol you guys are so fucking cheap. On the bright side, at least the new Burger King Beast Burger is in your budget hehe

  15. D says:

    how can it be soggy if you finished it in a minute or two as you say?

  16. Mark says:

    I didn’t say it was soggy, I said it wasn’t soggy.

  17. Ms. nitpicky says:

    I think you meant to say oomph, not “oumph”. Also, it’s nitpicky, not nitty picky :)

  18. Mark says:

    thanks will fixed them

  19. hilaliya says:

    I love the Meat Company, the steaks and burgers are great but I am still surprised they have menu items missing such as Boerwurst sausage (and English Mustard believe it or not).

  20. جمالات says:

    an average burger at best if you dont eat steak at a steak speciality establishment. Next please.

  21. holla says:

    Dude having a burger served medium-well is as bad as having a steak served well-done. Blasphemy!

  22. Xpec8tor says:

    Ouch Mark!!Nobody created the rule that burgers have to cost 650fils and be sold only at McDonalds, and nobody created one that they have to be a rip-off either. My opinion doesn’t have to agree with yours in order to be a valid one, nor I have to retort negative sarcasm. I truly enjoy all your entries by all means, and i would like to congratulate you for the website. Keep up the good work, but please, there is no need to take it on the defensive,nor to be disrespectful to people that respect and write with decorum. Peace.

  23. Mark says:

    You shouldn’t take it personally. It’s just the fact that you think I am being ripped off because I was charged KD5.5 for a burger is silly. Do you think all burgers are equal? Do you think all burgers should cost the same? I am guessing you will say no to these. Then you’ve got to create a scale.

    You agree that not all burgers are equal
    You agree that not all burgers cost the same
    You agree that there are different qualities of meat
    So how much would you price this burger?
    Lets check other burger places…
    How much does a burger at Burger King cost? KD1.150?
    How much does a burger at Johnny Rockets cost? KD2.250?
    How much does a burger at Fudds cost? KD2.950

    And you’re still not at a proper restaurant just fast food joints.

    Lets compare it to two other steak houses.

    The Butcher Shop
    KD2.950 but got rated 2.5 out of 5

    Gaucho Grill
    KD6.759 and got rated a 4 out of 5

    So then you have The Meat Co.
    KD5.500 and got rated a 4 out of 5

    So your options are have a cheaper burger at The Butcher Shop but one that doesn’t taste so great. Have an expensive burger at Gaucho Grill but a good one. Or have a burger as good as the Gaucho Grill one except 1.250 cheaper.

    Not all burgers are equal.

  24. Luca says:

    Correction: Johnny Rockets & Fudds are not considered fast food joints by the industry. They are part of the casual dining restaurant segment however Burger King, Mcdonalds, subway etc are part of the QSR (quick service restaurants) aka fast food joints. You can consult nations restaurant news for proper terminology and market segmentation. Cheers.

  25. Xpec8tor says:

    hummmm…me? Not taking it personally, not my restaurant. I tried the burger already, it was good one but I’m now kind of “scared” to give my opinion about the cost nor the way it tasted, but then again I’m no expert…just a consumer. Have a great day and buon appetito!

  26. Haterhaute says:

    You def seem like a burger-phile so it doesn’t surprise me to hear you defend your $20 hamburgers, lol.

    But as for me, I’d rather fork over another KD and get a STEAK.

  27. AXM says:

    Your damned if yo do a review and your damned if you dont!!!lol

  28. 3azeez says:

    Come on Mark, we’re not cheap… lets just get real for a minute ok? Where do you get the best burgers in the world? most probably in the US… do you really want me to believe that people in the US pay around 30 bucks for a burger? they dont. i think six bucks is the most they’re willing to pay for a burger! and trust me, those six bucks burgers over there taste probably better than any burger u can have here!

    To be honest though, I dont mind paying six or eight dinars for a burger, but it will be like ones every couple of months, or even a year…!!

  29. Mark says:

    Watch the documentary Hamburger America. Its all about Hamburgers in the USA including $30 hamburgers.

  30. Ms. nitpicky says:

    Haha, I can see you tried to lure me with your “fixed” spellings :P

  31. ban1 says:

    we are not cheap u can’t rate us as cheap when are speaking in very respectful way and being open with our talk and thoughts , its too much for a burger if ur tryn inik itsawi da3aya 7ag ilmukan ur free but u can’t nameus as cheap and we can have the best burgers in kuwait in so many prices and we do pay more than its just a taste issue.

  32. Mark says:

    Sorry but that didn’t make any sense. If you’re agreeing with the fact that burgers don’t all have to cost KD1 then what is the argument about?

  33. ban1 says:

    the argument about you sayn the word cheap of us!!!!

  34. Mark says:

    ah lol ok. that only applied to people who believe a KD5 burger is expensive and that all burgers should cost KD1. So its not you :)

  35. ButtHead says:

    aaaa hello, huh huh huh

  36. ButtHead says:

    One burger please, huh huh huh

  37. Sat99 says:

    Not willing to pay 5.500 for a hamburger certainly doesn’t make anyone “fkn cheap.” And the term gourmet burger is an oxymoron. People in Kuwait for the most part have no idea what western gourmet food is (filet mignon and similar) so they take generic junk food and decorate it with fancy names and charge you an assload. But either way, I look forward to your burger reviews (not everyone is as rich as you Mark!) hehe.

  38. Mark says:

    You’re being very naive if you think all burgers are equal and all should cost the same.

  39. Lee says:

    Yoall funny, In NY, we make the best Angus CAB burgers in the world and I think prices in Kuwait for a gourmet burger is a little bit pricey, but the market demand is high and why not get the bird.

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