Elections and the newspapers

Post by Mark

Todays newspapers are hillarious, you barely have any articles in them they are just packed with election ads. Check out this video I shot. [Video]

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  1. someone says:

    waste of paper

  2. Q8Sultana says:

    They have some real hunks in there..

  3. Carlsb3rg says:

    Waste? more like $$$ for the newspapers.

  4. Marzouq says:

    Lol! yeah all ads!

  5. Thamer says:

    These elections are making me hate Kuwait.

  6. Yazeed says:

    didnt u say u cant read arabic?
    what are u doing with the newspaper anyway? :P

  7. Stafa says:


  8. moayad says:

    the problem is not with the elections, it’s the greedy newspapers who have no respect for their readers.

  9. Stafa says:

    well, it is elections you know, this happens when?! every coupla years for one edition. the funny thing is that the other day i opened my house gate and was like ‘funny if i find them giving out dvds and shit from paralment members’ and what do I step on?! an actual DVD for Jamal Al-Omar was it?! looked at it and was like ‘my god..ur even following me 2 my house?!’ and kicked it away, its over anyway, we passed 8 pm and its all done, so its useless ranting about it anymore…its over! :)

  10. Mark says:

    lol i dont read arabic newspapers but this was hard to resist

  11. Stafa says:

    [off topic]
    Mark, if i get something shipped to my ushopweship mailbox, can they mail to Lebanon instead of Kuwait?! if so, how long would it take?!
    [/off topic]

  12. Mark says:

    i dont know, i dont think they deliver to lebanon..

  13. hehe…too funny. I’d like to know some of the financial numbers behind running an issue like that..Do we have anyone with such access?

  14. unknown says:

    wow, newspaper must wait for election every 4 years for these, how much the advertisement cost anyway?

  15. papaya says:

    this year is gold for the newspapers, first sheik jaber death and obituaries , then congrats for the new emir and crown prince and prime minister , then the election and we still in the middle of the year , there are still 6 months to go , if something major will happen we will see more ads and so :)

  16. photoflow says:

    I would have been angry to buy a paper and have that be it, I would have went back to the dikan and handed the hindi back the paper and asked for my 150 fils back.

  17. holla says:

    i think i just won like 100KD. i bet that no women would make it into parliment. this is too easy.

  18. unknown says:

    thanks god no woman get into parliament, kuwaiti women are suck and the don’t deserve their rights

  19. holla says:

    unknown kuwaiti women suck just as much as the men do so it’s not like this is such a good a thing that non of them made it. it just makes kuwait look more like a shithole to the world than it already is.

    damn i predicted this, i must either be really smart or kuwait must suck really bad. hehehe i guess it’s both.

  20. bikeshed says:

    uhhh, elections with women are cool…

    anyway, have you seen the trailer for the new transformers movie?

  21. Ramsey says:

    Hey Mark, this is Ramsey, your brothers friend.

    I have a quick unrelated question I was hoping you’d help me with.

    We have a 512kb DSL connection from Fast Telco in Kuwait, however, I have not been able to download torrents—specifically torrents. Limewire works fine, as well as other downloads, but torrents will not work whatsoever, regardless of client.

    When I open a torrent, it just doesn’t download. It basically keeps “searching” for seeds as it appears. I tried opening my ports and changing my IP but nothing seems to work.

    I’m asking you because I know you have DSL connection, and you might know what to do. I sure as hell have tried everything i’ve got, and nothings been successful.

    Any thoughts?

  22. Mark says:

    i dont know but u could post in the forum and see if anyone else can help

  23. aatif says:

    not being cynic, but, how can election news be “hilarious”?

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