Half a Starbucks

Post by Mark

I was at the Kuwait University today in Shuwaikh doing something for work. When I was done I passed by the cafeteria which to my surprise turned out to be segregated in half, I can’t believe they did that. The funniest part is the Starbucks which is located right in the middle of the dividing wall. So, what you get now is a Starbucks divided in half, half for guys half for girls. In the picture you can notice the white wall on the left, thats the wall that cuts Starbucks in half. I was standing in the male side of Starbucks when I took this picture. Really stupid.

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  1. Nat says:

    lol, that’s like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. Entrepreneur says:

    LOL asses… god forbid you see a woman whilst drinking coffee… science has proven it’s dangerous

  3. Omg.. I can’t believe this is happening!

  4. iDip says:


    You can check the doors of Tarbiya & Sharee3a colleges, that overlooks Shuwaikh (Share3 Al-Sa7afa)

    They have two doors!!!

    just like toilets

  5. q8Sultana says:

    Ummm, the Shuwaikh campus cafeteria has been like this for years.
    Even when I took my SATS and TOEFL in like 98, the KU campus we took them at had a segregated McDonalds.

  6. Mark says:

    it was my first time to the campus, but the Kuwaiti guy with me told me they just recently segregated the cafeteria.

  7. Sami says:

    Actually its old…. I was there 2 yrs ago & it was separated

  8. Jackie says:

    Actually older than 2 yrs.. I’ve been going to KU ever since ’02 and even then the cafeteria has been segregated with starbucks as well :r

  9. K says:

    Segregation is not the solution .. education is. And since this is taking place in a University… well .. I am speechless.

  10. Entrepreneur says:

    What is the world coming to?

  11. BuDalal says:

    First of all Mark, let me say I like your blog a lot. You really catch the funny/stupid side of life in Kuwait. As a Kuwaiti, I like seeing a another perspective of my country. In regards to the segregation in KU, its just plain S T U P I D!!! I went to the Technology College for a year and it was segregated. Guys and girls still flirted and sneaked off. It just doesn’t work. Whats going to happen when they go off and start working? They’re going to have to deal with the opposite gender. I just hope they don’t start segregating the workplace a well. We should be moving forward guys not back! This is a lame interpretation of Islamic values, it just encourages what they are trying to prevent. Sorry for ranting guys.

    Peace :)

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