McDonalds, the Healthy Choice

Post by Mark

McDonalds LogoWhen the movie SuperSize Me came out everyone was like “did you watch it did you watch it?” And I would be like “yeah its bullshit’. No one believed me.

Now a new movie is coming out called “Mickey D’s and Me” that supports my view. The movie is a documentary made by a woman called Soso Whaley who went on a McDonalds diet and ended up losing weight and cholesterol points! Soso believes people are responsible for their weight gain and not the restaurants which I believe is true. Click here to read her interview.

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  1. Entrepreneur says:

    Hey mark, i want to know if you know anyone who would be interested in an action scripting project…

  2. Drunk_n_Gorgeous says:

    Hey Mark, I wanna know if you could by any chance tell me where I can buy iPod earphones ‘cuz I kinda’ lost mine. Thanks in advance!

  3. Mark says:

    Entrep: Scripting Project? You mean mac scripts?

    Drunk: I don’t know where you can get them in Kuwait, you can try the Apple dealers but I doubt they would have them. My advice? Get better ear phones instead, the ipod ones aren’t that good in the first place. You can amazing earphones starting from around 60$ all the way to a 1000$ (yes 1000$ for earphones). Check out they have some really nice earphones.

  4. Entrepreneur says:

    Mark, action scripting in Flash MX. Actually i think im ok for this at the moment, i figured out how to do it myself…. im working on something that might excite you, will keep you posted :) Oh the face lift to the site looks good btw… nice shades, and i love the green steel look on the top… what is it a pic of? macro shots look great

  5. Mark says:

    Macro shots look great except this isnt a macro shot. Its a shot of the neon light on the ceiling of one of the gas stations here in kuwait :)

  6. Entrepreneur says:

    Oh… i like it… you’re the man with the shot

  7. Drunk_n_Gorgeous says:

    That’s great news! I was kinda bummed out about losing them but since you say they sucked to begin with… Mark you’re awesome! Thanks again :)

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