Is there anything happening on National Day?

I know it sounds weird that I’m asking whats happening instead of telling you whats happening, but I can’t seem to find any information on National Day. There have been fighter jets flying daily so I’m assuming there will be some kind of airshow, but I can’t find any information on it. Maybe one of the Arabic newspapers published something?

I’m looking back at last year’s schedule and there were surprisingly a lot of things happening from the light drone shows, to fireworks and the Saudi Hawks Air Show. Along with the ban on water balloons and water guns this year, it looks like there might be zero things going on.

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They announced that they are cancelling all musical events that were planned because of the genocide in Gaza. I would guess fireworks are also cancelled. But there is definitely an airshow happening because I saw them rehearsing yesterday. The planes were not red, so not the Red Arrows.

Nope, musical events are not canceled and are still going on. Last year, musical events were canceled due to the Turkey/Syria earthquakes, and the fireworks still went on

Some sources say that there’ll be fireworks 2-4 times larger than last year. I think they main reason they didn’t announce anything yet is because the Minister of Information is out of the country. He also said he wanted this year’s celebrations to be bigger than the last.

Basically, the fireworks initiative is not from government but from malls? So there will be no fireworks next to Kuwait towers

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