F1 TV Pro Now Works in Kuwait

A reader left a comment recently letting me know that F1 TV Pro now works in Kuwait. If you’re an F1 fan, F1 TV Pro is the best way to watch the races. It costs around $80 for a year and you can watch the practice, qualifications and the races live, as well as the pre race and post race shows among other things.

The app also allows you to also pick between two different English commentary teams, different driver cameras and access to lots of data.

Previously F1 TV Pro would only work in Kuwait if you used a VPN, so this is really good news.

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What’s with the fighter jets buzzing over downtown around 11:30am for the past three days? Are the Red Arrows back in town? Is this going to be an event we find out about after it happens (again)?

if Vasseur somehow manages to rebuild the team and secure championships, I will eat only pasta in honor of that man for the rest of my life.

Hello there Mark,

For some reason its saying not supported in my region.
Just a quick question, when i register, should i still use vpn ? Or it works without vpn ? Cause that could be the issue

I registered and paid through the website. But apparently in order to get the subscription on the application you must click “restore purchases”. Then it will work. In case anyone needs this for using the application. Thanks a lot for the help Mark. Much appreciated. Enjoy the season.

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