Cinescape’s Rooftop Cinema Opens Tonight

Cinescape is launching their new rooftop cinema tonight and they’re calling it Skyline.

Located on the rooftop of Al Assima Mall, Skyline will be the only outdoor cinema in Kuwait playing new releases and officially licensed films. It will also be Cinescape’s first outdoor cinema since Cinema Al Saifi (Fahaheel 1959, Hawally 1965), and the Ahmadi Drive-in Cinema (1980-2004).

Skyline will be playing current English and Arabic films as well as classics a couple of times a week. There will be 3 movies a day showing every day and you will be able to book them through their app.

Food will be available including exclusive cold weather items like soup, hot chocolate, sliders, pizza and more.

Tickets will be for 5KD and this will be a yearly seasonal cinema, not a temporary popup. It will close down once it gets too hot but then reopen again later in the year once the weather cools down again.

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7 replies on “Cinescape’s Rooftop Cinema Opens Tonight”

The magic officially opens tonight. Hope they let the Cine Club Kuwait and the people behind Cinemagics free rein on scheduling content to include regular screening of festival films. Imagine the Cine Club to be a very different beast now after Farookh Abdel Aziz’s departure from Kwt. The Cine Club on KTV 2 was perhaps one of the best reasons to be around in Kuwait in the 80s. Remember watching several landmark films as part of the Cine Club feature segment on KTV-2: among them Good Bye Lenin, Run Lola Run, The Man Who Knew Too Much and others.

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